4 Ways to Determine Which Used Cars are a Good Deal

Let’s face it, not all used cars in Raleigh are a deal worth thinking twice about. How do you know if what you’re getting is a good deal or not? There are many factors involved, and there is no one size fits all answer to the question. The hope is that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a firm understanding of whether the used car you’re about to purchase is a good deal.

1. How many miles does the car have on it?

Mileage matters, and it’s a sign of wear and tear. It would be suspicious if a car was more than a few years old, but only had a couple of thousand miles on it. How many miles a person drives per year depends on many different factors, and it’s reasonable for a car to even have a high amount of miles after a few years.

If the vehicle has too low of mileage, that might be a red flag that something is up. However, too high of mileage may be that the previous owner had a long commute to work or frequently travel back and forth between destinations.

2. Has the vehicle been in any accidents?

The value of used cars drops drastically if it was in a collision. The amount of money it goes down depends on how bad the accident was. A small fender bender won’t take that much off the value. However, if the car were in a severe collision, you’d expect that the price would drop significantly.

Learn more before purchasing the vehicle so you can take it into consideration. You may end up paying too much for the car if you don’t know it was previously in an accident.

3. The age of the car impacts its value

No matter how well a car has been maintained, it loses value as it ages. That means you get a better deal if the car is older. If the car has been maintained properly, then the age shouldn’t be a big deal. It is a big deal to you since you can save quite a bit of money as the years go by on a car.


The older the vehicle, the less you should expect to pay for it. This is why so many people are searching for the used car owned by the little old lady. They know that she wouldn’t drive her car much and the engine would be in a good condition, and that means even though it might be older, it’s a good value for the money.

4. How much a used car is worth is its appearance

Simply put, it’s all about what the car looks like. If the car looks fresh, then it will fetch more money. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy a used car if it doesn’t look good? Well, it depends on the price. Remember, you can always have a fresh coat of paint put on a car. Also, the interior can be redone as well. So, if the price is right, consider buying the car even if it doesn’t look so great on the outside. o find a lot more information, you might want to be interested in where to find guest blogging opportunities on Ford Transit Courier. It’s right there where you can get tons of powerful insights shared for professionals of the industry.

Bottom line

So many people love to shop for used cars because they know there’s always a bargain to be found. It’s only a matter of doing your due diligence. If you’re willing to learn a little about the car you’re about to purchase, you can make an educated decision on whether or not it’s a good value for your money.


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