Who Can Benefit From CompTIA IT Sales Certification?

The FC0-TS1 examination is given for individuals that are interested in obtaining a CompTIA IT for Sales certification. The certification benefits individuals that wish to perform sales activities for the IT industry. The examination not only covers basic technological questions, but also reviews over communication skills to help professionals actively engage with their customers.

The FC0-TS1 exam will cover: exercising proper communication with potential consumers, identifying the various types of technological users, providing solutions that will meet the needs and requirements of specific types of consumers. Individuals that decide to take this examination can obtain various job roles in sales related careers.


Of the careers that an individual can successfully obtain with this type of certification is a sales engineer, business development manager, and account manager. The FC0-TS1 examination is comprised of fifty questions. Applicants completing the examination will be given sixty minutes to successfully complete the examination in entirety.

The test is graded on a sliding grade scale, in the same respects as various CompTIA examinations are. There are no prerequisites that an individual must meet prior to being able to take the examination. The sliding grade scale goes from one hundred to nine hundred. In order to successfully pass the FC0-TS1 examination and receive the accompanying CompTIA IT Sales certification, an individual must obtain a passing score of 655 or higher.

The FC0-TS1 examination is available in two languages, English and Japanese. A test in the Korean language will be coming soon. Possessing a sales certificate if you plan on working in an IT sales environment will validate your knowledge of IT sales protocols.

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