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8 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home When You Sell It

Boosting the value of your home before selling it is something that you should consider. This allows you to obtain the benefits that many owners of houses have achieved. However, boosting your property’s selling value might not be that easy. To get the best results, you should conduct the needed research. You can try asking for advice from reliable property managers and trusted real estate agents. Aside from that, you can also consider doing the following.

1. Boost your home’s energy efficiency

Improving the efficiency of your house is an excellent way to boost its value. The good thing about this technique is that it can be accomplished without spending much. In most cases, this involves altering the regular features of the house to make the living condition it provides more efficient.

One of the best tricks to boost your home’s efficiency is to install a smart thermostat. Doing this allows the homeowner to control the temperature inside the house from anywhere and manage energy costs well. Aside from increased savings, this upgrade also improves the comfort and convenience that the home provides.

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To further improve the home energy efficiency, read more about other related improvements such as adding insulation, replacing old or leaky windows, and installing more energy-efficient appliances.

2. Have the house thoroughly cleaned

Another effective and inexpensive way to boost the selling value of your house is to have it thoroughly cleaned. According to experts, deep house cleaning coupled with comprehensive decluttering could increase the home’s selling value by a few thousand dollars.

Although cleaning and decluttering the house is inexpensive, this requires much work. Thus, you need to spend more time and plan the entire process well. For best results, clean the house systematically and one area at a time. Also, dispose of all the stuff you no longer need or use to free up some space. If you have time issues, you can also opt for house cleaning services in Kure Beach, NC for complete cleaning needs, read more here.


3. Add more usable space

Adding more usable space to the house you are planning to sell is an excellent way to push its selling value up. According to property experts, homes are usually priced according to the amount of livable space they provide. Thus, creating more could push the price up.

Given such, it is a good move for you to add more usable or livable space to your house. For best results, you can add a bathroom, extra room or even a separate mother-in-law suite in your home’s current setup.

4. Have the house painted

Painting the entire house is an excellent way to provide this with a brand-new and fresher look.  Aside from that, doing this is an effective technique to boost its selling value. The trick does all these by making the interior and exterior areas of the house look new. Furthermore, having the house repainted is relatively inexpensive and allows you to locate some sites that might be needing repairs.

5. Boost the home’s curb appeal

An excellent way to give a house a good price boost is to improve its curb appeal. Recent studies revealed that improving the home’s curb appeal could account for about a 7% increase in the property’s selling value. Thus, it is better to have your home’s overall landscape upgraded before having it listed for sale.

6. Have the exterior doors upgraded

Exterior door upgrades usually work wonders in helping increase the value of a house offered for sale. This is because doing the technique dramatically improves the home’s appearance, curb appeal and the level of security provided. Since most buyers consider the aesthetic and safety aspects of the houses that they would most likely purchase, have your home’s exterior doors upgraded right away.

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7. Update the kitchen

Implementing a significant update on your home’s kitchen is an excellent way to boost its selling value. This is because the kitchen is regarded as a central feature of the house. For best results, implementing a significant kitchen remodel and upgrading the appliances used in it usually completes the trick. In most cases, refacing cabinets and installing a new sink typically add more value to the update.

8. Have your house staged

House staging is something that only a few sellers could ever think of as a way of boosting their home’s selling value. Based on the studies conducted, staging your house before selling it could increase its price by about 5 to 23%. Given such, hiring the service of a professional staging company becomes a good and profitable option for most homeowners.

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The tips discussed above are proven effective in boosting your home’s selling value. However, it is still essential and highly advised that you seek advice from experts. This is because individuals like property managers and real estate professionals have solid experience selling houses. Thus, they will most likely provide you with the trusted methods of improving your home and successfully sell this at a higher price.

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