Affordable Tips to Boost Your Home Appraisal Value

Preparing for home appraisal can be a challenging and overwhelming time, there are alot of things to consider and keep in mind upon appraisal. Getting the best value for your home is important, but a lot of times people don’t know how they can do this without breaking the bank. Here are some helpful and inexpensive tips to help you boost your home value appraisal:

1. Focus On Your Landscape

Increasing the curb appeal of your home by focusing on your landscape is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to boost your home appraisal value. Your landscape is the first thing that a home appraiser is going to see; it’s crucial that the exterior of your home is just as put together as the interior.

Here are some ideas to make your landscape look outstanding for your appraisal:

  • Plant flowers and shrubs, small actions like this can make a huge impact on the attractiveness of your exterior
  • Trim trees and bushes, this will make your home look put together
  • Make sure all decorations, tools and children’s toys are organized or put away
  • If it’s winter, make sure your driveway and walkways are void of snow

2. Touch Up Paint

Touching up the paint in your home can instantly boost your home appraisal value because it will transform a room and make it look fresh and new. Home appraisers in Philadelphia pointed out that if you don’t need/ want to touch up the paint in an entire room, it’s at least important to touch up the paint on baseboards, wall trims, and ceilings. Home appraisers will value a home more that has fresh paint because any potential new buyers will not have to retouch the paint themselves.

It’s also important to note that if your room needs an entire new paint job, a smart interior design choice would be to choose a neutral tone. Neutral tones increase the value of a home because that is what most home buyers are looking for.

3. Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Staging your home is inexpensive and can even be free; the only thing it will cost you is time and effort. The point of staging your home is to create a vision for potential home buyers of what they want to see; they want to imagine living in this home and home appraisers know this so will also value your home if it is staged accordingly.

decorating home for summer

Staging your interior can include tasks such as rearranging furniture, making sure there isn’t any clutter, cleaning small and hard to reach places, and making sure your home is void of pet odor.

Staging the exterior of your home is equally as important. Staging outside furniture can help the appraisal value as well as making sure both the front and back yards look put together with a mowed lawn and weed-less garden.

4. Do Your Research

Do your own research prior to your home appraisal. Home appraisals are typically public information so you can easily access other home appraisals in your community or neighborhood to see what they are worth. This will give you an estimate of what your appraisers should say and it will give you an idea of what kind of things you can/need to do to get a better value.

Doing research will also help you get familiar with areas of your community that you may not have been familiar with before. This information can be valuable and you can point it out to your appraiser; for example, is your home in a good school district? Are you near major highways and shopping centers? Your appraiser may not know about these things and telling him or her will boost your home value.

5. Install Smart Devices

If you are in the position to spend some money prior to your home appraisal, installing a smart device can help you get a higher appraisal value. Smart devices are an important innovation in home design and a small investment worth making. Smart devices are devices that can be controlled through cell phones, tablets, and computers. Some popular smart devices include thermostats, irrigation systems, lighting fixtures.

Smart homes

Smart devices boost the value of your home because they are top of the line and a hot commodity amongst potential home buyers because they are home features of the future. These devices not only make life easier, but they are also eco-friendly and technologically advanced.

Get The Best Value On Your Home

Whether you are selling or refinancing, it’s crucial to get the highest appraisal value on your home as possible. Make sure you get the best value on your home appraisal by keeping these tips in mind.

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