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Top 10 IT Services Companies in LA

The increased competition in software products and services call out for state-of-the-art solutions that fulfill the needs of the users as well as the security and functional requirements of the product. There are some top companies in LA that work on the latest technologies and projects. Organizations all across the world employ development services from LA to get tailored software products that meet the expectations of end customers. Business IT services are responsible for the development of secure and customized products.

One important thing about employing software development services from LA is that they take into consideration all the functional and non-functional requirements of your software project. Moreover, they ensure the development on a budget. From project planning to development and implementation to testing, all the processes are followed in a highly efficient manner. The following are some top professional IT services companies in LA.

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1. AllSafe IT

AllSafe IT is an IT services, consulting, and support firm with a dedicated team of certified technology experts and a client base spanning a wide range of industries. In today’s ultra-competitive world, businesses who don’t utilize the full potential of their IT systems often fall behind their competitors – which can ultimately lead to failure. Our services are custom-tailored to ensure that your business not only survives, but thrives.

Its services are based on 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. We’ve worked with a variety of small to mid-size businesses, taking the time to fully understand their unique needs and requirements.


It is one of the top Global outsourcing companies in LA. with expert engineers and experts, they have crossed hundreds of projects. Their services include software development, quality assurance, research and design, support and maintenance, product design, and smart teams. They deal in all the industries and sectors and provide them high-end software solutions.

3. Cubix

Cubix is one of the leading games and mobile app development services providers. It is a software company that has expertise in the customization and integration of enterprise-level solutions. They have experience of 8 years in the industry and have startups, medium and large enterprises as their clients all over the world.


SPEC INDIA is a company with 30+ years of established experience. They are famous for providing customized software development solutions. Its other services include testing, automation, mobile and website development, data analytics, business analytics, product engineering, and similar high-tech solutions to organizations all across the globe.

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5. DCSL GuideSmiths

DCSL GuideSmiths is a multi-award-winning software development company. It is well-known for its development services for mobile and web applications. They provide customized solutions on budget and effective solutions to all sizes of businesses. They have customers all over the world to whom they provide software development services according to their needs and budget.

6. Powercode

Powercode has a team of passionate designers who do their best to provide the latest and advanced digital experiences to the customers. They provide enhanced web development solutions. Their approach is to provide the latest solutions that tend to drive the objective of your brand in your clientele.

7. Light IT

Light IT provides innovative solutions for mobile and web development for small and large enterprises. They have clients from all across the world. They offer more than just development services. Along with high-quality IT projects, Light IT helps in software consultancy, improvements, business workflow, budget, and custom solutions development.

8. Selleo

Selleo has earned a name as a professional IT services provider in LA. They have developed more than 15 software projects. They have potential clients from all across the world. They work on all the latest technology stacks to help organizations stay a step ahead of their competitors and meet the ultimate needs of their customers.

IT services provider in LA

9. Solvd, Inc.

It is a software engineering company that provides quality development services for mobile and web solutions. Their software development solutions are both for startups and enterprises. They deal with all industries and sectors, and provide quality assurance services as well.

10. Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation is one of the top IT support services providers in the United States. It has distinguished itself among the high-end software development services providers. They provide a wide range of development services such as mobile and web apps development, enterprise software, and virtual reality applications, etc.

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