How To Increase Commercial Security

7 Ways To Increase Commercial Security

Nowadays, a rising number of businesses are experiencing security issues. You may occasionally confront difficult situations as a small or medium-sized firm owner. You may have to deal with burglary, theft, and internal threats from criminals or misdirected workers at some time.

Furthermore, you are required to safeguard the safety of your property and structure. Although every business has challenges, proactive security measures help protect your firm from possible threats.

Remember that if you prioritize safety, your company will have fewer vulnerabilities and setbacks as it grows. You should choose business property security systems that can discourage burglars while detecting unusual activities. This allows you to focus on increasing revenue and to retain customers for your company rather than worrying about its security.

As business owners must install appropriate security solutions, it is best to have a guide to know what your commercial property requires, especially when selecting the most up-to-date security systems. Here are the best tips from a professional locksmith in Lakewood, Co.

Qualities Of A Trusted Security Guard

Tips for Increasing the Security of Your Commercial Property

1. Conduct a risk assessment

Using a site-specific risk assessment, it is easy to evaluate which areas of your property are most vulnerable to infiltration. You must be aware of the flaws in your property.

Knowing how criminals target companies is important inside knowledge that might give you an advantage. Employees may provide helpful feedback on areas for improvement, so include them in your risk assessment. In addition, read local news stories and talk to other business owners in the area to learn about any recent security breaches.

2. Create a business culture that values security

As a business owner, it is your job to establish corporate policies. Emergency protocols, visitation restrictions, and safety rules should all be covered by security measures. Managers should follow a consistent procedure for access control, locking doors, closing gates, and turning on the alarm system throughout the property. Then, for proper implementation, go over these security procedures with all employees.

3. Lock all doors and entrance points securely

High-quality locks benefit businesses since they are a low-cost security option. Even during work hours, all doors and sources of access should be locked while not in use. When an office is closed or vacant, it should be secured from the inside. If feasible, install deadbolts on all doors leading into the building.

4. Use an Access Control System instead

Keyless entry systems minimize the number of access keys and make monitoring building access easier. Furthermore, access control allows for the quick adjustment of user permissions. Advanced biometric access control systems validate users’ identities using fingerprints or facial features. Employees benefit from this method since they no longer have to maintain track of a set of keys. It can also increase the security of your commercial property because biometrics are impossible to forge.

5. Install CCTV cameras throughout the premises

Surveillance cameras play several functions in business security. Aside from acting as a deterrent, they can capture vital evidence that can aid in the recovery of stolen items and the perpetrator’s conviction. Installing different cameras in the weak points of your business is one of the most effective security recommendations for a robust security system.

6. Protect the perimeter

There are several methods for keeping your property safe from the outside world. Outdoor security measures, such as a suitable fence, security lighting, and a safe parking space, can help you prevent unlawful entry to your property. A burglar may be discouraged from breaking into your office if they discover it is secured.

7. Rely on professional locksmiths

A business locksmith can help you choose the appropriate security measures for your property. They may propose the most current and innovative security systems suitable for the layout of your present commercial property and give your business the level of protection required. Having locks fitted by qualified locksmiths ensure they will function properly.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Commercial Locksmith

1. Prompt Lock Repair and Replacement

A locksmith can inspect and solve any problems with your building’s locks. They will check whether your company’s locks require simple repairs or a complete hardware replacement or upgrade. Businesses must not let a broken lock compromise the safety of their personnel and property.

Keep in mind that if your security is breached, you will only be able to evaluate the extent of the loss if you know the state of your locks. As a result, it is essential to have a locksmith inspect your locks regularly.

How To Increase Commercial Security

2. Control of Access

Undoubtedly, your company’s security should always be a top concern. Even if you don’t have a commercial locksmith on staff, consider hiring one to help create a system that restricts access to certain places and those who need it. This decreases the possibility of a security compromise while keeping people and property secure.

3. Alternatives To Traditional Security

Business locksmiths can make your property impregnable due to their experience guarding commercial premises. They utilize cutting-edge locks to protect your business’s financial data and essential papers.

4. Protection Against Internal Threats

While trusting your staff is essential, you must be watchful against any risks inside your circle. Even if your company has few layoffs and hires, it is easy to disregard the danger posed by your staff. A locksmith may also help you secure vital data or objects from internal hazards by utilizing loss-prevention tactics and technology.

5. Repairs Following a Break-In

If you have ever had a break-in, you will understand the need to employ a skilled locksmith. After contacting the police, you will require the services of a locksmith to make the necessary repairs. They will repair any broken locks and improve the property’s overall security.


Finding one that fulfills your security criteria is complex with the wide choice of security equipment on the market. As a result, it would be advantageous if you hired the services of a reputable business locksmith to assist you in determining what to choose and to ensure that it will continuously perform as intended. Finally, consider the preceding advice when deciding which security measures to deploy for your commercial property.

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