7 Types of Services Offered by a Locksmith

Everyone is bound to misplace their keys from time to time. This could be your car keys or the keys to your home or office. Misplacing your keys could also pose a security risk or even be dangerous in case you have pets or kids trapped inside your car or home.

However, with the rising technological improvement, such a situation is much easier to deal with unlike before. This is where the locksmith leicester comes in. They offer various services including re-keying, lock changing, lock picking, lock repair among others.

This depends on what the customer wants. All you need to do is have an emergency contact with you just in case you are stuck. You can also check out Fast Locksmith Surrey for more details. Without any further ado, here are some of the services offered by locksmiths.

1. Key Cutting and Car Lockout Service

Key cutting is normally important in case you lose your key or damage it. You could also get a spare key for all your locks as a backup when you lose the main one. If you are renting out your home or moving to a new home, you may also require to cut a new key and keep a copy.

Been locked out in your car can be so frustrating.

Luckily, with these key cutting services offered by a trained Auto Locksmith, you can get your key cut and before you know it you are back on the road. Other car lockout services offered by locksmiths include boot opening service, Replacement of transponder keys and broken key extraction and repair. If you cannot afford a locksmith then you can find online training to work as a locksmith.

2. Security Services

The main reason why people use locks is to protect and secure their valuables from theft. Be it in the offices, home or vehicles, a reliable and secure lock is fundamental. As explained by Schlüsseldienst Kassel, everyone has their own unique security needs, a professional locksmith would advise you accordingly on the best locks available.

3. Locked out

Sometimes you may lock yourself out of your house by accident. A good locksmith is well equipped to unlock your door so you can access your keys instead of cutting new keys or changing the locks. This would save you money for the extra expenses.


4. Lock Repair

Most locks are built to last long without the need for maintenance or repair. However, you may encounter problems such as broken keys stuck inside the lock, difficulty latching, or frozen locks. Here, a locksmith can choose to repair your locks or advice you to install new ones if your lock has been severely damaged. Additionally, a locksmith may also repair your door frames if they were damaged during a burglary. See more here

5. Unlocking and repairing of safes

Commercial locksmiths are also trained to unlock and repair safes. If you have forgotten the combinations or incurred a hardware malfunction, this specialized personnel come in handy.

6. Emergency Locksmith

This is one of the most intriguing parts of hiring a professional locksmith in surrey company. The fact that they work 24 hours a day assures you of quick response at all times. You won’t have to worry about accidentally getting your locks jammed in the middle of the night or sleeping outside as a result of locking yourself outside your house.

7. Install new locks

There are various types of locks available such as key, keypad locks, card-swipe locks, traditional locks among others.


You could choose to install either depending on the type of security you want. You will need a firm and secure lock on your doors to keep your assets safe with multiple keys for easier access by authorized personnel.

You may also change existing locks to enhance security. Locksmiths can either replace the existing locks or install new ones from scratch depending on your needs. They should also be competent enough to install smart locks. Click here to read more.


Most times, you will need a good locksmith whenever an emergency arises. A good locksmith will handle your situation promptly and offer the best results. Don’t hesitate to ask about the qualification and experience of the specific specialist before choosing to work with them. A poorly done job could cost you extra expenses and worse put you and your family at a security risk.

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