what makes a good brand's purpose

What Makes a Good Brand’s Purpose?

Consumers in the modern market have become very dynamic. Apart from considering the value of products and services, many of them now look at the purpose of their favorite brands. They seek to know why that brand exists and its impact on the world. It is vital then that your brand connects with its intended audience when presenting it through your website as a company. Therefore, it is necessary that when advertising and marketing your product, it resonates with the target market rather than pushing it for sale. But what makes a good brand’s purpose?

Must Connect with Consumers at a Personal Level

A good brand’s purpose must connect with the market. It does not have to be the entire market but a segment of those the brand targets. It should have that emotional touch that makes it a desirable option. With the advent of social media marketing, consumers are now exposed to various options.

Your brand should be more than just a product to fulfill a need. It should evoke some unique emotions so that consumers can select it without considering competing alternatives.

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Creating Value for Every Stakeholder

Consumers are not the only ones who interact with a particular brand or product. Other stakeholders play crucial roles for a specific brand to exist. Employees, for instance, are a link between the brand and the outside world. They also must find meaning and significance in their work for a brand to have its purpose. They play an essential role in enabling consumers to connect with a brand.

Stand for Something Bigger

With so many options in the market, your brand has to stand out from the rest if it represents something bigger than itself. It is not just about making numerous sales but influencing a positive change in the world. If consumers feel like your brand contributes to such, they become your brand ambassadors.

Something greater could be environmental conservation, alleviating hunger, or fighting against wars and conflicts. Consumers are drawn to the brand’s beliefs rather than its use. In a study carried out in 2017, 67% of consumers bought a brand because they resonated with what the brand represented or agreed with a particular topic.

what makes a good brand's purpose

Agreeable Political Alignment

The political atmosphere of a community or region affects the purpose of any brand within the region. Consumers within such areas are inclined to align with a particular political movement. It is vital that you design your brand’s purpose to conform to the political position of your targeted audience. Consumers that agree with that political position will also get drawn to your brand.

Must be Authentic

When creating your brand’s purpose, ensure that you align it with an issue or position that you genuinely believe. Choosing an issue randomly will not work for your brand if there is no real belief. After a while, those interested in your brand will call it a bluff. It will naturally connect with its intended audience without much effort if it is authentic.

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