Where To Install Anti-Slip Tape In Your Warehouse

Where To Install Anti-Slip Tape In Your Warehouse

Slip falls, and trips are common accidents in any industrial place. Workplace accidents account for 15% of all deaths, as per OSHA. But other than that, accidents involving motor vehicles are reported to kill more workers each year. For many victims, these incidents might result in time away from work.

Having accidents in your warehouse can be bad for your company’s reputation. You just have to take some steps to minimize industrial accidents. Before we get down to let you know where to install anti-slip tape, firstly, you have to know why you need it in the first place. So here is the importance of anti-slip tape installation.

Importance of Anti-Slip Tape Installation

To avoid the trips, slips, and falls of your workers in your warehouse, you have to use anti slip tape in specific locations. Your warehouse might have some difficult-to-maneuver and slippery ground.

Locations like wet areas, recently cleaned or polished areas, surfaces covered in dry materials like powders, dust, or wood shavings should have caution markers to let people know. Many people will be able to avoid accidents just because of the beforehand installed anti-slip tapes.

Locations to Apply Anti-Slip Tape

Traction tape or non-skid tape are other names for anti-slip tape. The resistance between the worker’s shoes and the ground surface is increased by this tape, resulting in less slick surfaces. These types of tapes are used in all workplaces from manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, and warehouses.

If your warehouse is facing any slip, trip, or falling incidents, you have to install anti-slip tapes to prevent future accidents. If your warehouse is safe for the workers, your company is guaranteed to have a good reputation. Here are the places where you must install anti-slip or traction tape for beneficial outcomes-

1. Building Entrances and Exits

The entrances and exits of a building are one of the most hazardous locations in any building. People enter a building through its entrances, and if it is raining or snowing outside, they will bring in the moisture from outside and make the surfaces slippery. Those can also travel far from your lobby to the reception area and then the staff entrance.

To avoid such a scenario, you can strategically place 50mm wide anti-slip tape to be safe from outside moisture from getting inside. That will ensure your entrances and exits have hard standing, and outdoor moisture won’t get inside to make the floors slippery.

Install Anti-Slip Tape In Warehouse

2. Ramps

Ramps or places where elevation changes tend to cause accidents. Because of the elevation changes, it has slippery surfaces. Installing anti-slip tape on the ramps of the workplace will ensure your workers’ navigation safety.

3. Stairs (Indoors and Outdoors)

You might have seen stairs with traction or anti-slip tape before, and it has a good reason to be so. Falling from stairs can cause serious damage and injury to the victim. Outside stairs can get pretty slippery because of rainwater. Adding anti-slip tape to stairs on every step can prevent any possible accidents of workers.

Workers can even work easily with casual shoes because they do not need to have much traction on the bottom of their shoes if the tapes are installed on the stairs. You can get warnings printed on anti-slip tapes, which are printed either ‘WATCH YOUR STEP’ or ‘CAUTION’ to catch the other’s attention when they are using the stairs.

4. Loading Docks

Just like building entrances, the loading docks are mostly crowded with many people. Loading docks are a place where many workers and trucks and shipments enter and leave the building. Loading docs can get easily slippery if the weather is wet, and most of the loading docs have ledges.

Slippery loading docks are very risky, which is why we must use anti-slip tape in the places where workers are mostly walking. Installing tape in the walkways of the workers is a good investment for your warehouse’s reputation.

5. Garages

Garages can easily get wet, just like loading docks, as they are constantly crowded with new cars from outside. Adding anti-slip tape along the pedestrian walkways is a good addition to your garages. It will save up your time from needing to mop the whole area.

The garage cannot even be mopped up quickly like a loading dock, so it is better to minimize any kind of mud or moisture staying in there.

Where To Install Anti-Slip Tape In Your Warehouse


6. Food Service Area or Kitchen

STFs or slips, trips, and falls usually occur in kitchens. In the kitchen, water and other liquids are spilled on the floor easily. In rare cases, kitchen floors have drains where moisture might stock up, or pipes and sinks might have a leak.

Cleaning the kitchen is a thing, but that alone cannot stop the kitchen from getting slippery daily. Workers will see these as nothing, but they can lead to anyone’s serious injury. That is where you can install anti-slip tape to inform your workers about the possible danger.

7. Work Areas With Atmospheric Moisture

Workplaces have different work areas, and they have varied atmospheric moisture. If you have anything to do with ice, steam, or water in your warehouse, you have to be wary about those specific work areas as they can lead to your worker’s life-threatening injuries. So install anti-slip tape in those specified work areas where there are high levels of atmospheric moisture.

The Last Words

Now that you know the importance of anti-slip tape and where to install them, you can expect to have a good reputation for having safety in your warehouse. Your workers can freely work without thinking of slipping, tripping, or falling. Thus, installing anti-slip tape or traction tape in your warehouse can and will save lives.

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