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Things To Know About Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Cars have become a norm for most people in our society, almost everyone have their own cars and would rather use it than ride public transportation except if the traffic is really bad. Many people though buy second hand cars rather than brand new ones since it is a lot cheaper and at times a new pair of shoes or an iPhone are more expensive than a used car. That being said, there is a huge opportunity for auto repair shops and there are many customers for the number of auto shops in a given city. This business venture could be profitable especially if you have loyal customers who will bring in new customers because in reality it is difficult to find good and honest auto repair shops at any given place.

Since used cars tend to have issues and breakdowns a couple of times a year, and some people like doing modifications to their cars to improve its performance or beautify it, the possibility for having a steady line of customers is quite high. However, succeeding in this industry is not due to luck or chance, it actually requires hard work and being able to provide the needs of the customers on an efficient and effective manner, on time and without the exorbitant price tag. This is where the auto repair shop management software can help you grow your business and bring it to greater heights.

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What Is An Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

This is a management software that have been developed specifically to cater to the management needs of running an auto repair shop. Not all businesses are the same and more so with an auto repair shop. You have to be able to deal with the scheduling of services, of identifying the issues or problems in the car and then suggesting the needed repairs, sourcing out the needed parts and finding the best technician for the job and communicating with the client all the work that their cars need and having to wait for their permission or agreement for the said repairs.

At the outset, all seemed pretty straightforward, find customers, assess their cars, provide the repairs and receive payment for the repairs. This is easier said than done, it is often a logistics nightmare to find or source old car parts, some may have been phased out or some just do not exist anymore. Then there is the issue of the prices, most auto repair shops receive negative reviews because customers feel they are being robbed by the so steep prices and they do not have a choice on the matter, since their cars would not be released with the full payment.

The software is an integrated computer program which provides tools and measures that would help you manage your day to day operations in the auto repair shop. It is designed to link the owner, the technician, the customer and the supplier for a seamless communication and coordination.

How Does It Work?

Auto repair shop management software is a computer program that is specifically developed to be used in auto repair shops and help in the day to day operations of the shop as well as provide logistical support, scheduling, purchasing and improve communication lines. It is an integrated system that needs to be installed once in the computers in the shop and it is cloud based, hence it will integrate seamlessly with your existing programs, and there is no need to reinstall or remove your other software.

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Moreover, it can be accessed by key personnel who works directly with the customers and the technicians, it can also manage the inventory and send out alerts when supplies are low, and even to initiate orders every month on schedule.

The management software can also be accessed by customers so they would be able to track their cars and the status it is in and whether they need to provide consent or agreement to the scheduled repairs. The software also allows the owner or manager to oversee all aspects of the shop and be always on top of the situation. This would mean that he or she is able to track the most used supplies, the top performing technician and the loyal customers as well as the most popular day for repairs and the most quiet ones.

The software is user friendly, it is basically plug and play, once the software is installed and all the existing data are migrating to the new system, it is basically point and click and aside from a very brief walk through or tutorial, the software is self-explanatory and you can discover its many uses as you use it. There is no need for additional training and since it is easy to use, your workers and clients would not have an issue making use of it. With special log in details and credentials, your workers can check on the things they are currently working on and request any additional manpower or parts.

The software will also be able to track purchases and profits and identify the most loyal customers, hence, all of these will help you focus on growing the business but still being able to manage the business.

Where Do You Get Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

Since the invention of the computer, there are also a number of computer program developers in the market, and in the management software industry, there is no shortage of such. However, most management software had been developed to work with industries, factories, small scale businesses and medium scale enterprises. However, it has only been recently that management software had been developed according to the specific needs of the business or industry it was going to be used, hence the more specific auto repair shop management software.

Bolt On is able to develop a strategic software that will help auto repair shop owners and managers manage their shops efficiently and effectively. For all your management software needs, the name you can rely on is Bolt On. You can order the software from them online, and have the link in your email and you can now download the files and install it in your network. Just a few clicks and you are set to go.

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4 thoughts on “Things To Know About Auto Repair Shop Management Software

  1. Hey, So far I went through your website. It’s a useful blog for people to educate themselves about CRM software and the challenges that gonna face.

  2. Hey, So far I went through your website. It’s a useful blog for people to educate themselves about CRM software and the challenges that gonna face,

  3. Hey, So far I went through your website. It’s a useful blog for people to educate themselves about CRM software and the challenges that gonna face

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