4 Ways a Digital Antenna Can Change Your TV Experience

After you cut the cord of your cable and install a digital TV antenna, you will definitely not regret the decision. You’ll even wonder why you remained with cable for so long. But if you’re still weighing your options, here are ways to prove to you how a digital antenna can boost your TV viewing experience.

1. Unlock local channels

Compared to cable and satellite service providers, a digital antenna can provide you with all the channels available in your area. As a matter of fact, most broadcast stations do offer free regional programming. These channels usually include sports, local news, cooking shows, classic movies, and kids programs.


2. Superior broadcast signals

There’s no paid subscription fee to get over-the-air or OTA television. What’s more, through a digital antenna you can get a far superior picture and sound quality. Also, OTA broadcasts are exempted from signal compression used by satellite and cable, giving you pure HD television.

To receive OTA broadcast TV, you will need the following:

  • A television with a built-in digital tuner
  • The right digital antenna for your location
  • The information of the nearest broadcast tower locations in your area as you have to point the antenna towards it

3. Great complement to any satellite or cable subscription

Complementing your TV setup with a digital antenna will be handy at the time your satellite or cable service blacks out. During bad weather or emergencies, receiving OTA signals through an antenna will keep you updated on information. Similar to a radio, the frequency is much more stable and less prone to TV signal problems.

4. Free TV and varied programming

So why pay for a monthly subscription fee when you can have channels for free? A digital antenna means free TV. Local channels are supposed to be free and a digital antenna will make sure that you get them all on your television.

You may have to pay for your antenna but after that, you can watch all channels available in your area without spending a dime. You’ll be looking at a cost equal or less than your monthly cable service. Plus, you get an astounding variety of free programming.

Now, you already know how getting an antenna will enable you to reap the benefits of free HD broadcasts. To ensure that you get the best out of your digital antenna, consider following these tips for using a digital antenna:

  • Find a good spot – Once you’ve found an ideal spot for your antenna, run the built-in automatic tuner in your TV and let it scan through. If you figure out that you’re not getting all channels in your area, consider moving the antenna to another spot, and then scan again.
  • Seek professional assistance – If you’re still struggling to get all channels available in your area, hire an aerial specialist to install it for you. Since a professional has a better understanding of signal directions, you have a better chance of obtaining the most channels out of your antenna.
  • Be wary of pests and signal obstructions – Buildings, trees or any tall structure may hinder your antenna from getting the best signals from broadcast towers. Practice rat eradication and control to prevent vermin from chewing on antenna wires/cables.
  • Go to higher ground – Try mounting your antenna as high as possible. This may include investing in a longer cable but make sure to get only enough length as you need. Be aware that cable length can also adversely affect your signal quality.
  • Get a better cable – Most antennas come with everything you need for them to function, including a coaxial cable. You may have to consider getting a substantial RG-6 cable. This way, you’ll have better conductor and insulation designed for higher frequencies to get better reception and channels.
  • Add an amplifier – To boost your reception, you can add an amplifier to pull in more channels. However, an amplifier may be unfavorable to your reception if you live close to a transmitter, increasing distortion and noise. Your best chance is to try scanning channels without using an amplifier. If the results aren’t great, go and scan again using an amplifier.

Keep in mind that getting professional antenna installers onboard means not having to worry about the above points since they will be taking care of all antenna installation-related tasks for you.


Once you have your digital antenna set up, you can forget the notion that nothing good ever comes for free. With a one-time purchase of a digital antenna, you’ll get all the benefits of free television in the years to come. And since you’re no longer trapped in monthly payments for a cable or satellite subscription, you can absolutely enjoy huge savings.

Salman Zafar

Originally posted 2018-07-12 13:13:19. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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