A Handy Guide to Educational Home Decor

Your support as a parent is crucial to your child’s growth, creative  learning, and sustainable development. You do this in so many ways but probably have never thought about the impact your choice of decor can have on a little one’s education. It is amazing the difference that little touches and the seemingly insignificant additions can make when combined with what the children learn in school. By adding your own personal subtleties to the equation could see your child’s favourite dinosaur bedding be the spark for a future career in archaeology. Read on to know more about educational home decor for your child:

1. Style In Tandem With Learning

Regardless of if you are reading a book to your child or making a story up together, it is important to link things from the book or story to things they have been learning about or things that have happened that day. For example, if the book has counting involved, you could mention that there are things around the bed to count and practice together.

Another way of doing it is to match things up from within the bedroom to the story itself. Pictures come in handy here so if there is a person in the story you can easily link it in and pretend that one of the people in the picture (it could be you or even Mickey Mouse!) is a part of the tale and act it out in front of them using different voices.


In time, the child will learn and be confident enough to do this with you and will begin to initiate the play and story with each character. Keep this in mind when you are decorating the room and buying toys that could perhaps play a part in an interesting tale or two.

2. Imaginative Decor

By picking exuberant and eye-catching colours with dazzling patterns and logos of various shapes and sizes you will spark your child’s imagination. The exceptional designs available are very infant-friendly and attractive to all so the toughest bit will be whittling down the selection instead of being concerned with pairing things as with ‘grown-up decor’.

Youthful innocence allows you a creative range and their free spirit can prompt your more outlandish and extraordinary choices of wonderful cabinets, extravagant wallpaper, and wild and whacky wardrobes. Supplement that with some cool curtains and you are laughing!

3. Observations To Consider

Children have the most fascinating and infinite imaginations. Their extensive thoughts and comprehensively crazy ideas must be encouraged and encouraged at all times. These fantasies and unfathomable situations can be the catalyst for engagement and play an important role in their growth and education. Their bedroom at home, along with the school classroom, of course, play a crucial part in their creative and free-flowing minds.

Parents are integral to the success of the whole operation and the glue that holds it all together with their extra-curricular activities and continued support through life and the way we decorate our homes and in particular the children’s bedroom should not be underestimated.

Salman Zafar

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