How to Switch Your Electricity Retailer and Get The Best Deal

Electricity prices are on the increase in many parts of the world. A good example in mind is Australia where according to The Grattan Institute, wholesale electricity prices raised to 130% on average between the year 2015 and 2017. Such an increase translates to unbearable household electricity bills. The only available solution in the circumstance is shopping for cheap electricity.

Switching your electricity retailer, however, is easier said than done. It is a tedious process that requires diligence, or you might end up with the worst deal. This article guides you on how best to Simply Switch your electricity retailer and get the best deal.

1. Understand your current electricity plan

Even before you decide to find the cheapest retailer, you need first of all to know your current plan. Try to find out how the current supplier bills you. Are your tariffs based on a single flat-rate billing at all times? Or does your pricing vary according to the amount of your consumption?

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It could be that yours is a single flat rate or a time of use tariff where the price varies depending on the time of use. All in all, understanding your current tariff enables you to negotiate for cheaper electricity knowledgeably.

2. Negotiate with current supplier

After knowing how your current electricity retailer bills you, you had better call them straight and let them know you are considering switching. While at it, it’s a nice trick to ask them what offer they are willing to give you not to move. If they come up with a proposal and you feel it’s appropriate for your situation you can stay.

However, be careful, they might trick you into accepting an offer that’ll worsen your current scenario. The truth is that you are not a match. If you think you can beat them at their own game, you’re kidding. That brings us to the next point and which can be the difference that makes a difference.

3. Contract the best electricity broker

Setting on a mission for finding cheaper electricity provider could be time-consuming. Since it’s something you’ve never done, you may not even know where to start from. Approaching several retailers is not a guarantee for getting the best deal. You require the help of an organization that has experience in assisting people to find the best electricity deals.

An electricity broker can find for you the best electricity deal in the market. They know the electricity retailers in and out. As such, the broker will help you compare prices from different suppliers, and help you to get the most affordable electricity for your unique situation. Most brokers won’t charge for the service. They receive a fee from the electricity partner you choose.


In conclusion, we’d say switching your electricity retailer could be the move that reduces the cost of your electricity. However, to get the best electricity deal, you need the guidance of an experienced electricity broker.

Salman Zafar

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