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6 Essentials To Keep In Your Car

Having a well-stocked car is not only a matter of convenience, it is also important for your safety. In case of a breakdown, you’ll need a car that is carrying all of the essentials to help save you from your predicament or at least keep you well until help arrives. We’ve put together a list of things you’ll need to store in your car in case of an emergency, check out our picks below!

1. Jump Leads

Maybe you’ve forgotten to turn your lights off or you’ve left your phone charger plugged in and when you try and start your car you get nothing – we’ve all been there! If your car battery is dead then you’ll need a little boost to get yourself going again. Whether you use jump leads or more sophisticated jump starter battery technology, having something on hand to get you going is essential.

2. Phone Battery Charger

If you’re stuck and stranded alone on the side of a road, you’d best believe you’ll want your phone on you.  Make sure you keep a portable phone charger to give yourself some juice if your phone is about to die. You can use it to call for help and keep yourself entertained while you wait to be rescued.


3. Reflective Blanket

If you suffer from a flat tire or a breakdown on the highway and have to pull over it is safest to get out of the vehicle and away from the busy road. Unless you live in a state where it is hot all year, it’s a great idea to carry a reflective blanket in your trunk so that you can wrap up warm while you’re waiting for help. While it’s not the most stylish item to wear it’s better to look like a Thanksgiving turkey ready for the oven than to be freezing cold!

4. Tire Changing Kit

Changing a tire can be one of the single most useful skills to have if you’re a driver. However, as well as knowing what to do, you’ll also need the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Make sure you have a lug nut wrench a jack and jack blocks to help support the car and avoid any movement. Of course, you’ll need to be carrying a spare tire so make sure that if you do need to change your tire when you’re out and about you immediately replace it that same day.

car must haves

5. A Flashlight

A flashlight can come in handy in a whole bunch of situations, especially if you break down in the dark. Plus having one around will just make you feel a bit safer at night.

6. A First Aid Kit

Hope you won’t have to use it often, but a first aid kit is always useful to have around. Perfect for any road trip or even just a day out at the park, having a kit stuffed full of antiseptic wipes, plasters and bandages will ensure that you can patch yourself or someone up if you have any minor incidents.

Which must-haves do you keep in your car? Share in the comments!

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