Factors Affecting Freight Shipping Rates

5 Factors Affecting Freight Shipping Rates in 2023

Freight shipping refers to delivering goods by water, land, or air. Cargo planes, freight ships, and trucks are integral to the supply chain. The prices for freight shipping have risen through the years. Companies will obtain truckload shipping quotes when working with large and time-sensitive orders. Which factors will affect the rates in 2023? Let’s find out!

1. Shipment weight

The weight is one of the most critical factors when shaping the shipping quote. The cargo’s weight and size will directly impact the price when talking about parcel shipping. Large and heavy loads will cost more to be shipped, while common goods will cost less. With freight shipping, determining the price is done differently. The rates are cheaper per 100 lbs since the goods are classified according to a freight class.

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2. Shipment density

Density is another factor that determines freight shipping prices. It determines the amount of space your cargo will take and how it is handled. With this, the shipping company can determine the price. The cargo density can be calculated by dividing the weight by the cubic feet measurement. If the freight is loaded on pallets, their dimension can be used to determine the density.

3. Freight class

As we already mentioned, freight class is one of the crucial factors for determining the price. The class depends on the liability and the method of handling. The type ranges from low to high. For example, high-density cargo that can be easily handled and not prone to damage comes with lower shipping rates. High-class shipments are prone to damage and delicate to handle.

4. Fuel cost

Transporting the goods to the final destination requires fuel, no matter the transportation method. Therefore, the fuel cost will significantly affect the shipping rates. This is especially important when the fuel costs vary. The shipping companies cannot compensate for the changes in fuel prices. Any change in the fuel prices will be directly incorporated into the shipping prices. As the fuel price is up, the price will be higher. However, the same thing will happen when the fuel prices go down. The shipping companies will adjust the quotes to make shipping rates cheaper.

5. Distance

More fuel will be spent when the cargo needs to travel a considerable distance. Therefore the price will go up. However, the fuel isn’t the only thing to consider. Different destinations can have different prices. This is justified by the fact that your chosen career doesn’t cover the desired destination. They must work with a local carrier to complete the shipment in such cases.

The destinations a carrier covers, the distance between the starting point and destination, and the distance to the nearest metro city are considered. In addition, the shipping capacity for different locations can vary.

Factors Affecting Freight Shipping Rates

Bottom Line

As we already mentioned, the cargo can be transported through various means. If you choose to transport with a ship, you will find that different ports have different pricing. The furthest ones are usually cheaper since getting there takes longer. Overall, it is usually the most affordable option. Transporting goods with a cargo aircraft is another available option. The price can vary due to the exchange rates in different countries. Air transportation is the most expensive option, but it takes less time. Ground transport is somewhere in the middle, being cheaper than air transport. It is suitable for short to medium distances, but the lack of developed infrastructure in some countries can slow down the process.

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