10 Best House Cleaning Tips From Professional House Cleaners

Like all professionals in their fields, house cleaners have their ways of tackling the job for the best results such as, having software that features a user-friendly app and easy booking at Launch 27. We’ve picked up this expertise during their training, based on our skills and practical experience over the years. In the pandemic scenario, it’s essential to maintain a perfectly sanitary and disinfected environment.

As one of the services offering the best house cleaning in Philadelphia, we are proud of our reputation, delivery of consistent quality, and 100% focus on customer delight. We love sharing our secret tips used to keep your home impeccably clean. To learn more about ideal cleaning hacks be sure to visit Best Cleaner Adviser.

1. Tidy up

Professional house cleaners prefer to start with everything in its place. We do a quick tidy-up and decluttering, take out the trash, get towels, carpets, and rugs out of the way, and clear items off the shelf before we start.

2. Pattern

We are trained to follow a cleaning path or pattern – e.g., from top to bottom, vacuum before mopping, inside to outside of rooms, bathrooms, and floors last. We avoid “zone cleaning” and focusing on cleaning room by room – instead, we complete the cleaning task by task. Disinfecting surfaces is crucial during the pandemic, so we work on door-knobs, light-switches, TV-remotes, etc.


3. Quality Products

Investing in top-quality cleaning products, tools, and equipment pays for itself in the long run. Today’s clients are environmentally responsible and demand eco-friendly products, waste-disposal, minimal use of resources, etc. Safety first, so choose products that will not harm your health and your loved ones. Fortunately, you’ll find various cleaning products on the market that are safe for allergy sufferers, babies and pets.

4. Know Your Product

Sprays and some cleaners need to be left in for a few minutes to work properly. We use the extra time to clean shelves, mirrors, taps, etc. in bathrooms and showers and come back to wipe sprayed surfaces in tubs, sinks, glass, etc. We are also familiar with the use of household products such as vinegar that work on stubborn stains. We never spray products directly on TV or monitor screens.


5. High and Low Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas may need extra effort, while less used areas can do a quick once-over. However, low-traffic areas tend to get dusty or musty simply because they’re less-frequently cleaned. We map our cleaning patterns so that both areas get the attention they need.

6. Keep Tools Handy

Our cleaners keep all their cleaning tools and equipment in a caddy, ready on hand for quicker cleaning. This means we have the right microfiber cloths/gloves for dusting, small/large brushes, sponges, scrubbers, brooms, mops in one place, along with the electrical equipment, when we start cleaning to save time/effort.

We also analyze our tools/equipment so that they can perform multiple tasks. This increases efficiency lowers costs and makes transportation less cumbersome. We ensure that our tools/equipment are super-clean for every job.


7. Don’t Ignore Curtains and Upholstery

These are the top dust-collectors in a room and manage to hide it the best. If the client has pets, you can be sure that curtains and upholstery are the breeding ground for mites and microorganisms besides animal hair. Give them a good whack before you start cleaning to loosen dust and debris that gathers in the folds and pleats.


8. Let Fresh Air In

Before starting work, our cleaners ensure proper lighting in the room to avoid dark corners. Fresh, clean air helps to nix smells and musty odors, animal smells, cooking odors, and stale air. Throwing open windows, opening all shades and blinds, and ensuring that all work is completed in the daylight hours is something we strive to do.

9. Bed Making

This can be a time-consuming and tedious job. We have got it down to a neat system where we advise clients to mark the right and left corners of the sheets to make the job easier.

10. Checklist

We have a checklist of tasks that are part of our routine. If there are additional tasks that the client needs to be done, we ensure that these are incorporated, and the list is ticked off entirely at the end of the job. And if you’re in New Orleans and looking for professional assistance, you can hire Sweeping Hands.

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