How Microsoft AZ-800 Exam Shapes Your Windows Server Career

How Microsoft AZ-800 Exam Shapes Your Windows Server Career?

Are you dreaming of thriving in your IT profession with a noteworthy Microsoft certification? If you’re part of the Windows Server industry, the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate accreditation can help you improve your career. The certification is provided after successfully completing two exams: Microsoft AZ-800 and Microsoft AZ-801. In this article, we will focus on the 70-410 test and what it entails. To learn more about the ABCs of this exam, we’ve expounded the relevant areas that you ought to know beforehand.

What is the Microsoft AZ-800 exam all about?

The Microsoft AZ-800 exam evaluates how well you master the administration of a Windows Server hybrid core infrastructure. An ideal candidate for this test must possess the proficiency required for the implementation and management of on-premises and hybrid solutions. These include networking, identity, compute, management, and storage solutions. The target applicants should also have a mastery of using various technologies and tools, including Azure Arc, PowerShell, Windows Admin Center, and more. Besides, if you go for this exam, you need to demonstrate that you have practical experience with 70-764  Server operating systems.

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What are the skills measured?

To further comprehend the technicalities of the exam, let’s take a closer look at the primary areas covered in it. Based on the official skills outline provided by Microsoft, there are five major sections that you need to focus on. These are as follows:

  1. Deploying and administering AD DS in both cloud and on-premises setups (30 to 35%)
  2. Handling various containers and virtual machines (15 to 20%)
  3. Managing different file services and storage solutions (15 to 20%)
  4. Dealing with infrastructures associated with hybrid networking and on-premises (15 to 20%)
  5. Working with workloads and Windows Servers in a hybrid setting (10 to 15%)

What are the remarkable benefits of the exam?

Now that you know what to expect from the 70-741 , let’s talk about the benefits it brings and how it helps to shape your career to the fullest.

1. Showcases your expertise through a certification

Passing the Microsoft AZ-800 and 70-742 signifies your acquisition of a renowned associate-level certification. Obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate accreditation is an indication of your proficiency in running key Windows Server workloads, along with on-premises and hybrid technologies. Such expertise opens you to a number of benefits enumerated below.

2. Makes you more attractive to employers

One of the significant advantages of being a certified professional is that employers tend to hunt you rather than you hunting the job. This is very beneficial, especially if you’re looking for different career options. This is also helpful if you are planning to level up your position. Employers always pay attention first to certified professionals rather than to the individuals without certificates. Therefore, you will not experience a shortage of job offers.

How Microsoft AZ-800 Exam Shapes Your Windows Server Career

3. Provides a higher pay

More than the skills recognition, a Exam-Labs gives a signal to employers that you deserve better compensation. Certification holders often enjoy higher salaries compared to those with no technical credentials at all. According to ZipRecruiter, the annual salary of a Windows Server administrator is approximately $84,639 per year.

4. Builds up your self-esteem and motivation

But of course, personal satisfaction is one of the major reasons why people want to accomplish a certification path. Having certification is an illustrious personal achievement that boosts your self-confidence and enables you to conquer new heights in your career.


Without a doubt, MS-300 is truly a credible way to thrive in your chosen field. Thus, if you want to level up your Windows Server skills, consider the Microsoft AZ-800 exam as the first step toward a bright and fruitful career. We hope that the arguments mentioned above in this article will convince you to begin the journey toward your dream.

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