How to Receive Someone’s iMessages on Your Phone

How To Log Into Someone’s iMessage Without Them Knowing

Texting has become the easiest and most effective means of communication these days. Zoomers prefer texting to calling, and the chances are that they are not engaging with the right people. To protect your loved ones, you may need to intervene. That said, let’s explore how to log into someone’s iMessages covertly.

What is iMessage and How Does it Help?

iMessage is your typical texting app. The only difference is that it is designed for iOS users and is, therefore, not compatible with Android devices. If you are an iOS user, you have contributed to the soaring popularity of this texting app. But what makes iMessage popular?

  • It provides read receipts and live typing
  • You can customize your conversations by adding effects and stickers
  • All the texts are encrypted
  • You can sync texts across your iOS gadgets. Hence, you can send and receive messages from any Apple device
  • It allows you to send different media such as pictures, videos, voice recordings, locations
  • You can send messages for free using Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • It facilitates sharing of high-quality images
  • It accommodates group conversations

screen time for kids

Among the major benefits of using this texting app is the end-to-end encryption iOS provides. However, is intercepting iMessages still a possibility? Let us find out.

What Methods of Intercepting iMessages Other Users Recommend?

Are you concerned about what your kids are texting? While texting has become a more convenient and prevalent means of communication, it could quickly compromise the safety of your loved ones.

However, the following questions constantly keep coming up. How to read my child’s text messages? If I log into their iMessage, will they know? Well, not necessarily.

Here is how to get someone else’s iMessages on your phone:

1. Use iTunes Backup

iTunes is a product of Apple that helps iOS users store usage data. Such data includes addresses, photos, and messages, among others. For this method to be successful, you will require an extractor and iTunes backup on your computer. You cannot access any data on iTunes without special software. The first step is downloading and installing the extractor app, which will transfer the backed-up data from iTunes. Once this process is done, you can now view your target’s conversations. However, you’ll be able to read the messages that were sent or received before the backup.

2. Using Apple ID

If you have the target phone’s Apple ID login details, then you can receive someone’s iMessage as they do. The first step is to sign in to the particular iCloud of the device and enjoy reading their texts anonymously.


How to Use mSpy for iMessage?

While iMessage is one of the most secure messaging apps, you can intercept conversations using a tracker app. If you are looking to monitor your target’s iMessage remotely, mSpy is your go-to spyware. What is fascinating about this app is that you can record your target’s keyboard strokes and receive alerts on their every move. It is designed to provide its users with critical monitoring information.

How to Receive Someone’s iMessages on Your Phone

This information includes:

  • Seeing all the sent and received messages. You can now know for sure if they are indeed not receiving your messages or just ignoring them.
  • You can see the shared pictures and videos. Knowing what your kids are sending out and receiving in return feels good.
  • You can see the exact time and the date of the conversations.
  • Access to their group conversations. If your employees have a secret group and don’t want you in, now you can see everything.

To effectively use mSpy, you need to know the credentials of the target phone before proceeding to buy a subscription. Once this is done, install the mSpy app, log in, and use the control panel to monitor the activities of interest.


As a parent, the urge to know what is going on in your kid’s life increases as they grow older and more exposed to the outside world; monitoring your kid’s or spouse’s life could be effortless with the right spy app.

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