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How To Prepare For A Nomadic Lifestyle?

A nomadic lifestyle has become an incredibly popular way of life. Those who feel tied down by the pressures to buy property or maintain a 9-5 are cutting the reigns to start a new life of working while travelling the world.

If the open road is calling you and you are ready to set off for months of excitement and adventure, there are a few things you need to do beforehand.

Of course, one of those things is budget. How much will you need to survive? How can you make money while travelling etc.?  But there are other things to consider too.

In this post, we are talking all about how to prepare for a life on the road.

Travel and accommodation

The first thing to think about is how you are going to travel, and where you will stay. There are plenty of people drawn in by the idea of RVing – with some renovating old trucks or school buses to make their dream motorhome. Others might prefer to rock up somewhere new and find an Airbnb or hostel – but this can cost a pretty penny if you are not careful. If you are thinking of going to Australia, you can check out the best airbnb Mornington Peninsula to get an idea on how much you can spend having a great room on a scenic place.

nomadic lifestyle

Depending on how you are getting from A to B, and where you are planning on staying when you get there, will determine how much you can bring on your travels.

Make a list of everything you own

One of the toughest parts of a digital nomadic lifestyle, is the number of things you will have to leave behind.

To get started on your adventure, you will need to take into account everything you own. The best way to organize this is to make a list of everything you have.

Along the way you might find the odd thing you can throw away. But for now, it is important to take an inventory of everything you have.

Declutter & store away

While Marie Kondo taught us to get rid of things that do not spark joy, you will need to take this a little further.

Depending on when – or if – you are planning on coming back, you will either need to get rid of everything you are not bringing or find an alternative solution.

You might be able to store away valuables or furniture you want to keep at a relative’s house. Alternatively, it might be worth finding a self-storage unit. can help you find a self-storage unit in your area – or near a friend’s house – so that you know your stuff is safe while you are away.


Tie up loose ends

If you are a homeowner or have a car, you will need to tie up any admin, bills and loose ends before you go.

Those wanting to come back after a few months can inform their insurance company that their home will be unoccupied for a while, or the car will not be in use. This can often reduce premiums – saving you a few dollars while you travel.

It is also worth looking at international health insurance, so you are not stuck in an emergency situation while on the road.

There is a lot to consider before taking the plunge into being a digital nomad. Hopefully, this short guide has given you plenty to think about!

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