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Hublot Watches: Crafted with Art and Precision

Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturing company that launched in 1980 at Baselworld. Since its debut, Hublot has been recognized for its outstanding craftsmanship. Also, they are highly known for producing high-quality and luxurious pieces that snatch attention for their lavish designs and excellent materials in manufacturing.

Designing a watch is a delicate process for Hublot. They do not spend a day or two doing it. They instead invest in extensive research and dedication for more creative craftsmanship. With uniqueness in mind, Hublot was able to create watches that possess high precision and distinct glamour.

History of Hublot Watches

Hublot is one of the youngest yet prestigious Swiss brands that began its journey in the 1980s. It was pioneered by Carlo Crocco, an Italian man who is acquainted with watchmaking heritage. Before founding Hublot, Crocco worked in Binda, a popular Italian watch brand owned by his uncle. However, he had something else in his mind, so instead of continuing to work in his uncle’s company, he chose to start a company of his own.

As a consequence of his journey for Hublot, he also left his family. Through his immense passion and drive to produce innovative timepieces, he was able to get on top and achieve success at a fast pace. In the early days of the company, they already produced uniquely captivating pieces. These watches are assembled with the technical precision of the Crocco’s family expertise in watchmaking.

Crocco’s first watch was named Hublot, meaning ‘porthole’ in French, was praised by watch aficionados in the world. This watch features a gold case along with a rubber bracelet. This unique combination was indeed fascinating since the rubber bracelet was not a common thing at that time. Crocco invested more than $1 million for almost three years for him to find the perfect strap that would not fade, crack, and would be the perfect combination of comfort and performance. And at last, the rubber did not produce stains and cracks. Therefore, it became the strap of Crocco’s “Hublot” watch. And since there was an odor associated with the material, special potent vanilla was used to eliminate it.

Then in 1980, Hublot watches were ready to be launched at a show in Baselworld. Though Hublot was not instantly appreciated in the watchmaking community, their advertisement, fortunately, snatched the attention of different European royalties. It bejeweled the King of Greece, followed by the King of Spain, then the King of Sweden, and the Prince of Monaco. And by then, Hublot met its high-end opportunity. Hublot watches possess a design with a sporty yet smart look and a comfy yet stylish fit. It comes with a porthole case, black dial, and rubber strap that is perfect for the A-list people of the 1980s.

Furthermore, in 2004, Hublot took a sure step to success. Jean-Claude Biver, a marketing genius, was appointed as the new CEO of Hublot. Even at the beginning of the company, he was greatly impressed by the Hublot watches’ crafting. He accentuates the “Art of Fusion” concept for Hublot’s future. Hence, Crocco and Biver’s partnership brought upon the success of Hublot in the industry. Besides, Biver’s role has been gradual to the launch of the Big Bang Chronograph, which is Hublot’s flagship range.

The brand’s success was further amplified by the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph. From this point forward, Hubot experienced impeccable growth. Hublot has become the first producer of luxury watches that bravely entered the world of sports. Presently, Hublot watches are the official sports watches worn in various sports and football fests such as the Formula 1, Ferrari, Manchester United Football Club, and FIFA World Cup 2010.

history of hublot watches

Today, Hublot holds over 50 boutiques globally, making them a member of the elite watchmaking venture. The modern collection of Hublot watches don’t just feature the Hublot Big Bang, but it also includes the Hublot King Power, Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold, Hublot MP Range, Hublot Tourbillon, and more. Hublot’s designs consistently evade the norms, giving perfect options for those who want innovation, elegance, and inventiveness in watchmaking.

Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang was first released in 2005, and this watch is undeniably tough. However, this watch has a design of pure elegance. Hublot Big Bang is available in 44mm case size with a ceramic bezel that houses a readable woven carbon fiber dial and an ETA caliber 4100 mechanism. The Hublot Big Bang watch has undergone various reformations in colors and materials over the years, though the original design remains a favorite of watch lovers.


Hublot Classic Fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion is the simplified version of the extremely admired Big Bang watch, and it was the first release in the year 2005. It possesses a sober design with a broad dial. Furthermore, the Hublot Big Bang is immensely appreciable with Hublot’s iconic porthole case design, bold hour markers, and hands.

This Classic Fusion collection is available in two case sizes, the Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm and Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm, which are available in either steel or red gold. You can also get it in either a matte dial with gold or steel bezel or sportier carbon fiber with a ceramic bezel.

Hublot Watch


Although Hublot watches were not an immediate head-turner, they got the recognition and love that they deserve. Besides, Hublot captured the hearts of famous royalties. And indeed, Hublot proves itself to be different from the rest, function and design-wise. Its unique material of rubber strap is a testament to this.

Hublot lives up to its “Art of Fusion” concept by perfectly combining tradition and innovation with its crafts. Their watches are a perfect definition of class and luxury. With that, Hublot watches were priced at at least $4,200 and can go for as high as $5 million. Their price tags can be quite overwhelming but rest assured that these timepieces are worth spending for since Hublot watches come in unique and extravagant designs. So, go ahead and cop your Hublot watch to add up to your collection.

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