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Impact of Professionally Cleaned Windows on Selling A Home

If there was a guaranteed formula for selling your home, would you follow the instructions? More than likely, you would, which is why it’s always surprising when homeowners balk at the thought of hiring a professional window cleaning service before listing their homes. Let’s take a look at why it is essential to have your windows professionally cleaned before selling your home.

1. Curb appeal

You’ve likely heard the term “curb appeal” many times at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to bring it up again. Part of curb appeal is how your home presents at first glance. These days, buyers are starting their house search online, which means the photographs in your listing are of the utmost importance. Guess what shows up like a sore thumb in photos? You’ve got it: dirty windows.

2. Let there be light!

Professionally cleaned windows make a big difference in how your house shows. When you throw open your drapes to let natural light in, your living space looks more significant and is obviously brighter. And here’s a dirty little secret (see what we did there?): the more you look out of dusty, grimy windows, the more you get used to it. In other words, you’re less likely to notice residue build-up on your windows if you’re continually peering out of dirty windows.

professionally cleaned windows

3. From the inside out

Much like getting used to filmy windows, you’re already accustomed to the view. However, discriminating home buyers will want to check out the vista from key windows in your home. Are your windows ready to frame an outdoor picture?

It’s one thing to clean your windows on the inside, but water spots, kicked up dirt, and even mold can creep over the outside glass. Rather than putting yourself into precarious positions outside your home, call in the pros, and they’ll have your windows looking spotless in no time.

4. Staging

If your realtor instructed you to work on staging your home, you should know that professional window cleaning one of the best quick staging tips. It’s difficult to emphasize just how much of a difference expertly cleaned window glass makes.

professional window cleaning

Think about this: a potential homebuyer walking through your home will surely notice greasy fingerprints or dusty film on the windows, which can inadvertently set off warning bells of neglect. And no one wants to buy a home in disrepair. However, pristine windows may go unnoticed, but their impact won’t.

5. Discover potential problems

Because professional window cleaners will have key vantage points when cleaning your exterior window glass, they can spot problems, such as disintegrating grout. Consider getting it fixed because buying a problematic property is one of the mistakes a first-time buyer will want to avoid. Not only that, but having your windows professionally cleaned functions like maintenance to help them work properly. When dirt and grime build up in window tracks, it often causes windows to stick. Having a professional clean all of your window area helps keep your windows in good working order.

So, think twice before balking at hiring a professional window cleaning service before listing your home for sale. It may just make a difference in how quickly your home sells.

Salman Zafar

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