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The Magic of Wedding Photo Processing

A marriage ceremony marks a joyous milestone in the lives of the betrothed. You only do it once and want to capture all the moments, from the love to the joyful tears, exhilaration, and intimate vows. Entrusted with the significant responsibility of immortalizing this momentous occasion, a wedding photographer endeavors to encapsulate every emotion and fleeting moment.

Professional photography is a timeless investment that immortalizes your big day, allowing you to relive the special moments with family and friends. Wondering how to elevate your matrimonial picture into a realm of breathtaking beauty and unforgettable memories? Here, we unveil a treasure trove of invaluable tips to refine your craft and emerge as a masterful wedding photographer.

Correct work

Conventionally, the processing and retouching of a photograph can be divided into several stages:

Selection and sorting

We remove defects, compare duplicates, and mark the best ones. The ratio of the total number of photographs to the final result of a matrimonial picture is on average 1:3. That is, to get 500 high-quality photographs in the process of reportage shooting, a photographer needs to take about 1,500 pictures.

Development from the “raw” RAW format

In the best photographs, it is important to correct errors, that is, to perform correction. The raw file looks unattractive as it does not reveal the subject of the photograph. A cloudy day in this version will look gray and faded.


“Grinding” the photograph

After development, the photographer works on the final version. Defects caused by errors during shooting are removed and corrected. For example, a very successful subject, but in the background the photographer did not notice an unattractive element of the city landscape. This is an error and is corrected as part of the paid order.

Deep retouching

Deep retouching, for a fee, involves extensive alterations to photographs, covering a limited number of images per request. It includes removing unwanted elements, refining hairstyles, facial expressions, and even altering the seasonal appearance of the surroundings.

To summarize, we can say that without proper processing and retouching, the result of matrimonial pictures will look ordinary and every day, and not memorable and chic.

wedding photo processing

Trends in wedding photography

Photography is a staple of big events, the wedding ceremony notwithstanding. Below are some of the latest professional photography and editing trends for your big day.

1. Nostalgic Aesthetics Through Film Photography

Nothing is new under the sun, and film photography is back. Despite expectations that the digital revolution would send the film into oblivion, many photographers find that incorporating film photography into their work makes it outstanding by evoking nostalgia through vivid colors, texture, and imperfections. Film photography accomplishes this by transporting one back to the good old days, adding some sentiment to your wedding day. Take advantage of the distinction and competitive edge that film photography provides.

2. Drone Photography

Drones have become a game changer in wedding photography. These futuristic gadgets add an exciting twist to capturing the magical moments of your big day. Taking photos from a bird’s eye view sets drone photography apart from the other trends. Drones capture great images of the couple and the majestic views of the wedding venue. Consider investing in a drone or outsourcing one for your big day.

3. Interactive Photo Booths

Interactive 360 photo booths are creating a big sensation in wedding photography. Having a photo booth is a playful and interactive way to capture memories with guests without having to take a photo with every guest, thus helping you be calmer and more relaxed on your wedding day. Besides, photo booths offer a great alternative for guests who want to escape the dancing floor and engage in other fun activities. Consider having a photo booth as a valuable way of capturing memorable photos on your big day.

Which service is best to use?

For creators who want to focus on the creative side of matrimonial pictures and provide their clients with the highest quality results, professional wedding photo editing service RetouchMe Pro offers a professional photo retouching service.

Cooperation with a professional photo retouching service, such as RetouchMe Pro, provides some advantages:

  • save time and allow you to focus on shooting;
  • consistently high-quality retouching;
  • individual approach and taking into account your preferences;
  • ability to work with large volumes of photographs.

Expert editing plays a pivotal role in the realm of photography, crafting timeless images that will captivate newlyweds and their loved ones for generations to come. By embracing techniques in photo retouching and collaborating with esteemed services such as RetouchMe Pro, photographers can attain unparalleled outcomes, delivering top-tier service to their clientele. Entrust post-production to seasoned professionals, allowing for undivided attention to the creation of stunning wedding photographs that resonate deeply with hearts.

Trends in wedding photography will keep evolving. Film and drone photography plus photo booths provide a rich palette of options to incorporate modern trends on your big day. Which of these trends are you thinking of exploring? We are excited to hear your thoughts!

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