Why Invest in Seaside, FL Homes

Top Reasons to Invest in Homes for Sale Seaside, FL Offers

Seaside, Florida is famous for its one-of-a-kind architecture, which can be seen everywhere, from the town’s pastel residences to the beach pavilions and the downtown area.

Homes for sale Seaside, FL also leverages its selling point on the town’s clean beaches and neighboring beaches, providing excellent swimming and surfing conditions.

However, putting these aside, are there more practical reasons why investing in real estate seaside, FL, is a good idea? The answer is yes! In this article, we will highlight all the top reasons why you should consider seaside homes for sale Florida has.

Promising Return on Investment on Real Properties

Real estate is an industry that allows investors to enjoy increasing valuation throughout time. It’s like a second-best to land that never depreciates.

In fact, in Seaside, Florida alone,  people can purchase a lot initially for $15,000 in 1981. Now, it has been re-marketed for more than a million dollars.

You can utilize real estate investments for personal or business use. Should you choose the latter, apartments, houses, or condos for sale in Seaside, FL are business-worthy investments given the number of tourists visiting the town annually.

If you intend to offer your property on either a short-term or a long-term lease arrangement, Seaside is the ideal location to establish a company you wish to create with longevity in mind. It is because it is a town that will have visitors come in throughout the year.

In fact, even amidst a pandemic that stopped the industry for a whole year in 2020, the Seaside region recorded a 4 percent growth in tourists! In reality, this gulf front neighborhood has been a beloved tourist destination for years.

Further, Seaside, FL, gives a unique chance to avoid the pricey vacant periods that short-term rental hosts hate so much because of the colossal elder population and the surge of domestic visitors.

Should you be interested in how to make your property investment ready for a short-term lease, check out https://theshorttermshop.com/seaside/. Their real estate professionals in the area would love to share expertise to help you succeed in your endeavor.

Unlimited Convenient Access to the Beach

Did you know that the shoreline of this Northwest Florida beach town is perhaps most famous for serving as the setting for the movie The Truman Show, starring the one and only Jim Carrey?

Yes, that’s right! Seaside, FL is like a town that an illustrator just drew to feature in a storybook, but it’s real. Under a towering gray building that resembles a cross between a lighthouse and a pyramid, you should not miss the primary beach entrance in Seaside.

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And if you are luckily living in the city or at least have a place you can conveniently access, you can unlimitedly access its pristine beach anytime you want. It is especially true for waterfront homes for sale Seaside, FL provides.

Spend the day bathing in the sun and riding the waves along the Emerald Coast, make a pit stop at one of Seaside’s tiny stores along the beach or in the town center, or go for a bike ride down the road that parallels the beach.

The unlimited access to the beaches of this town is also a selling point for homes for sale near Seaside, Florida. With a couple of hours’ worth of drive, you get the majestic coastal views and a unique experience in this area of Florida.

Many Public Green Spaces

Homes for sale Seaside, FL, also promotes its rich greeneries. In fact, green spaces help generate clean air, create a relaxing ambiance, and are safe for kids and adults to enjoy as recreation.

During the planning stages for the creation of Seaside, one of the significant considerations that went into the project was how important it would be to have public green areas for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Seaside Amphitheater, Ruskin Place, and the Lyceum are the three public green spaces you can find in Seaside, FL.

1. Seaside Amphitheater

This enormous grassy amphitheater is the core of all Seaside events and is the ideal location to sit back, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends at the beach. It is surrounded by The Merchants of Seaside, making it the perfect setting.

Take a lawn chair, a blanket, a lovely book, or a picnic basket with some wine if you want to spend the day relaxing outside.

The most exciting events typically occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, but you may check the calendar online to see what other events are taking place throughout the week.

2. Ruskin Place

Ruskin Place is an artist community in Seaside. The sci-fi, satirical, and comedy movie “The Truman Show,” which was released in 1998 and was filmed in the new urban metropolis, included Ruskin Place as a commercial area.

In the real world, Ruskin Place has played several prominent roles, including those of a commercial area, a residential neighborhood, a vacation destination, and an event location.

Just to the north of Central Square, people describe it as a charming and peaceful park flanked on all sides by local art galleries and unique shops.

Do you like a picnic in a vast green space while enjoying your cold coffee on a windy afternoon? Ruskin place is the ideal spot to spread out a blanket for a picnic or to take a seat under the canopy of a tree to get lost in an exciting book.

3. The Lyceum

The Lyceum is an open green grass encircled by gorgeous white structures. It was modeled after the academic hamlet that Thomas Jefferson designed for the University of Virginia.

The buildings are placed to face each other and centered around the open grass. It is also often used as a location for public and private events, such as weddings, fund-raising events, and gatherings of local groups.

Excellent Urban Planning

Homes for sale Seaside, FL, takes pride in the town’s commendable urban planning.

“New Urbanism” is the name of developers’ planning philosophy in Seaside, Florida.  New Urbanism is a planning philosophy that emphasizes creating areas suitable for walking and a diverse mix of residential and business activities.

The time when fewer people were driving cars is a source of inspiration for it. And since its establishment, more than 600 communities in the United States have been established using the concepts of New Urbanism.

Why Invest in Seaside, FL Homes

Great Food Options

An ideal home would be accessible to diverse restaurants serving high-quality, delicious food that complements the activities you will enjoy in the town; do you agree with that? If so, homes for sale Seaside, FL, also serve you right in that department!

After an action-packed day at the beach, reward yourself by eating at one of the area’s most popular restaurants or grabbing a bite at one of the numerous gourmet food trucks serving world-class cuisine stationed along Scenic Highway 30A.

1. Bud and Alley’s

Bud and Alley’s is South Walton’s oldest restaurant and a favorite gathering spot. Seaside, Florida would not be the same without Bud and Alley’s contributions over the years. They have been serving both locals and tourists for the past twenty-five years.

The restaurant strikes the ideal balance between having an elegant meal with a view of the Gulf of Mexico and simply having a good time with loved ones. The establishment also has a pizza and a taco bar for your cravings.

2. Pickles Beachside Grill

Pickles Beachside Grill, which has been around for more than twenty-four years and is situated in the middle of Seaside, Florida, is a beachfront institution that is a favorite with both residents and visitors.

The counter-service restaurant that patrons call “The World-Famous Pickles.” Aside from being an excellent spot for people-watching, favorite comfort foods such as hotdogs, burgers, fried pickles, and signature sandwiches are just a few steps from the beach.

Walk-in for lunch or supper and place your order at the counter like it’s no big deal. The mouthwatering smell of fried pickles wafting through the air is how you will know you have arrived at the correct location.

3. Barefoot BBQ

Other well-known restaurants that are a must-visit include Barefoot BBQ. At Barefoot BBQ, you’ll find an ambiance that’s reminiscent of the surf culture of the 1970s and ’80s and a menu that features some of the most delicious air-streamed barbecues around.

Interesting Architecture

Did you know that picket fences are distinctive in Seaside, FL? You cannot simultaneously use a similarly-designed picket fence on more than one home on the same street.

In an oceanside neighborhood such as Seaside, Florida, the homes have windows that can be opened, which allows for enough cross ventilation and makes it possible to take pleasure in the cool sea breezes.

Furthermore, balancing aesthetics and functionality, wide roof overhangs offer shelter from the scorching Florida heat and the relentless downpours throughout the summer.

Indeed, having your property in this town in Florida gives you the unlimited feeling of being on a holiday vacation anytime you want without thinking of having a failed home construction.

The Bottom Line

Promising return on investments, unlimited access to the beach and green spaces, excellent urban planning and architecture, and great food options are just some things you will enjoy if you purchase a house in Seaside, Florida.

It is also why there is an ever-increasing demand for real estate along the Emerald Coast. It is never simpler to locate Seaside houses available on the market.

But do not worry because real estate developers and agents are guaranteed to help you make your real estate investing plan a reality. Contact us at The Short Term Shop and try the service of our best real estate professionals in town.

We aim to find you the best bargain possible by working with a comprehensive database of property owners we know and trust. This way, you can enjoy your new house without dealing with any difficulties. See you in our inbox!

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