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Explore the Art of Living in Paphos, Cyprus

If you asked the Ancient Greeks about what the art of living means, you’d most likely get a very different answer from what people would tell you today. Then again, different cultures approach life in various ways. So, do you want to fit into society and be good, so to speak, or do you want to go a little crazy with your fun?

The best part is that Cyprus can answer both those needs … or desires. In fact, searching for property for sale in Paphos can take you down many interesting options and paths. One of the most obvious starting points though is if you want to look for a second home in Cyprus. Then, it’s simply a question of working out what lifestyle you want to go for and choosing the appropriate region within the island that works for you and your real estate project.

Lifestyle when Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos

There are different aspects to living life to the full in Paphos, some of which are detailed below and that you might like to explore before you decide which properties for sale you want to focus on:

  • Nature and wildlife
  • Nightlife and clubbing
  • History and culture
  • Safaris and day trips
  • Festivals and Food
  • Hospitality

1. Nature and wildlife

When it comes to nature, you have everything from diving to hiking in Cyprus. For example, the Sea Caves are fun for both beginners and advanced divers with some stunning rock formations and buttercup coral. Then there’s the blue lagoon, Coral Bay, and the Akamas Peninsula National Park. Either way, you’ll be able to experience all sorts of sea life and birdlife.

2. Nightlife and clubbing

Let’s not forget that Ayia Napa is just at the other end of the island from Paphos. Of course, Paphos District offers a wonderful lifestyle, including within the villages such as Tremithousa and Kissonerga. Nevertheless, if you want a clubbing night then head over to Club Ice or Shuffle Club and see what happens.

Lifestyle in Paphos

3. History and culture

Paphos sits on a UNESCO heritage site which means you have lots to explore when it comes to archaeological digs. Actually, Aphrodite herself is said to have arrived on land for the first time in Paphos which explains the name for the Aphrodite Hills. Actually, today it’s a beautiful suburb beyond Kato Paphos with stunning detached houses.

History is a beautiful thing and it spreads everywhere across this island. So, if you’re walking through Kato Paphos or the village of Kouklia then you’ll be surrounded by ancient remains and other signs of the ancient world. The Tombs of Kings are another popular site to visit.

4. Safaris and day trips

In Cyprus, there are quite a number of different tours that can take you around the island on quads or on your feet. In terms of safari, that means being able to observe wildfire on hikes or in the sea. Either way, there are endless activities, including water sports, such that you can never get bored.

You can even ski in the morning in the Troodos Mountains and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon before going back to your house for a beautiful dinner on the balcony.

beauty of paphos

5. Festivals and Food

Mediterranean food is both healthy and absolutely delicious. Depending on where you focus your search for property for sale in Paphos then you might be a few minutes walk from some fabulous restaurants or fun taverns with great food. Cyprus specifically has wonderful food such as kebabs, olives, pitta bread, cheese, and other meats and salads.

Festivals are another core part of Cyprus life. You’ll be able to find all sorts of festivals based on a range of themes, ranging from food to seasons and music. They’re fun and lively and you’ll start feeling like a local as you dive in and experience the real Cyprus.

6. Hospitality

It’s always important to appreciate the culture and local lifestyle when you move somewhere because you’ll appreciate everything more. Actually, that’s even part of the attraction of Cyprus. People are very welcoming and generally speak very good English. You’ll feel at home straight away and you’ll even wonder why you waited so long to move there.

After all, it’s easy to get permanent residency and the cost of living is highly accessible, all within a growth economy. So, why not give it a go and explore the possibilities of a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle? You could be in your villa or penthouse floor apartment with a bedroom overlooking the promenade in less time than you think.

Living Life in Paphos Cyprus

No matter what your idea of the art of living is, you’re bound to find some answers in Cyprus when looking for property for sale in Paphos and across the island. There’s a reason Aphrodite landed on those shores in the first place. The island really offers everything from partying and decadence to holistic living and healthy food. After all, isn’t finding the right balance what the art of living really is all about?

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