searching residential property in dubai

Searching Residential Property in Dubai – The Best Approach

Dubai is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a villa, whether you are a professional or a guy looking to raise his kids in a remote area, Dubai is what you need. Properties in Dubai are so versatile that you will have a hard time choosing the perfect dwelling as there are many that will appeal to your taste. Here’s why:

Rental Market in Dubai

Due to Covid-19, the last year has been a hard one; there have been many downs and a few ups. The pandemic shook the whole world, Dubai also got affected, but due to the appeal of this city and its real estate market, it bounced back on its feet in no time. As soon as things started to settle in Dubai, the prices and demands for real estate in Dubai also started to stabilize. It’s hard to believe that even with a raging pandemic, the demand for property in Dubai hasn’t decreased. In fact, dwellers are looking for stability now more than anything, so the rents, as well as the choice of dwellings, are now getting better.

The tenants aren’t looking for just any place to live; they are more interested in better locations, prime areas, and optimize accessibility. The fact that tenants are looking for the very best places to live makes the Dubai rental market very hot. The most demanded properties at the most are Villas and bungalows that come with open spaces like back yards, front yards, gardens, and balconies. Whereas last year the hot properties were one-bedroom or studio apartments. So, from small units, the market has changed to bigger and spacious units.

rental market in dubai

If you are also looking for that perfect villa to settle in with your family, here are some tips that will help you nail that perfect property down.

Getting Your Dreamhouse in Dubai

Earlier in 2020, when the lockdown was imposed, many tenants who were looking to move couldn’t due to the lockdown. They couldn’t view the properties, so they were forced to increase their leases with the existing landlord. Some couldn’t afford to live in the same house but were accommodated by the landlords through rent reductions and new contracts. However, the tables have turned now; things are getting back to normal. And with the lockdown ends, the tenants can now move into any place they want.

So, to get the best out of your property, you need to be vigilant in your search. Seek your house in a prime location, a house that is accessible to school, hospitals, and your workplace. You should also keep a close eye on things such as security, neighborhood, community, parks, facilities, local shops, etc., while inside the house; you need to consider the structure, general condition, natural light, furnishing as well as functionality. All these aspects are the root of good living.

Apart from that, have a lengthy word with the landlord, get the feel of the guy, and see if you get along. Your gut feeling here matters a lot. Moreover, make sure all maintenance factors are covered in the contract and both parties are aware of their respective duties.

While Signing the Contract

Drawing the deed is one thing; signing it is another. Make sure that when you are signing the contract, you have read the whole thing cover to cover. Always hire a reputable and RERA-registered. Release checks to the landlord only, the one whose name is on the deed. Match the title to the name in the passport as well. When you hire the most reputable and trustworthy broker in the business, he or she will explain all the points beforehand.

The Best Areas To Rent In Dubai

Here are the many areas that are great in terms of location, value, and price.

Affordable Rent:

  • Dubai Hills
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubailand
  • Dubai Sports City
  • JVC

Luxury Living and Value For Money

  • Downtown,
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina

As there has been a decline in the rental rate of the above-mentioned areas, these have become prime locations to rent and settle down. Apart from the super affordable rental rates, these areas also have the amenities, facilities as well as other luxurious perks one looks at when living in Dubai.

Areas That Offer Luxury Living

1. Banyan Tree Residences JLT

Dubai will not disappoint whether you are looking for a luxury furnished or unfurnished apartments to rent or a unique one. For those who are looking for luxury living, high-quality residence, and a class, Banyan Tree Residences in JLT is the place to be. It offers luxury resort-style living with a one-bedroom apartment at a very good rental rate.

Apart from the security of a gated community, residents can also enjoy the state-of-the-art fitness center, Club-house, Spa, squash court, yoga room, as well as a family infinity pool. With all these luxuries, no wonder this place is deemed as a restored-style dwelling space.

2. The Residences At Marina Gate

If you prefer luxury apartments to villas and resorts, The Residences at Marina Gate should be your first choice. It’s brand new and ideal for people looking for the high-end lifestyle of Dubai. The building offers 15 villas, 104 serviced apartments, and 389 private residences.

searching residential property in dubai

You have more than 500 options to choose your type of residence should you decide to live here. Living here offers a gym, floor-to-ceiling windows, pool, business and resident lounges to relax, rejuvenate and conduct official meetings.

3. One at Palm Jumeirah

With breathtaking views, the One at Palm Jumeirah is that all-in-one place to love that has the world to offer to its residents. The project is the creation of Omniyat and is being managed by the famous Dorchester Collection. The popularity of One at Palm Jumeirah was so much so that its penthouses were sold even before the project was complete.

Bottom Line

Living in Dubai is no less than a dream coming true. However, it’s not that easy. With a land full of so much luxury, opportunity and value, you are bound to make mistakes. Take the proper guidance and make sure you understand all aspects before investing your money in Dubai dwellings.

Salman Zafar

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