Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for Families

When choosing an apartment, people have various reasons for it. For families, some move because the children of the family are going to change school or beginning a new school year. Many people have their jobs changed to a new place. But that’s not all.

Aside from these reasons, many people also want to settle down in a new city to enjoy many services and experience a better lifestyle. Some may have been living in an offside of their town and now want to move to a place with all the necessities nearby. Regarding that, people with different reasons may need different apartments and neighborhoods to move to.

In Chicago, you get a lot of options when it comes to finding a suitable neighborhood for families. The city is filled with parks, lakes, and attractions to spend some fresh time with the family members during the holidays. Chicago living cost also varies within these neighborhoods. Without further ado, have a look at some of the neighborhoods that are highly welcoming for families of different sizes.

1. North Center

The neighborhood is packed with tons of attractions and art studios, which makes it an ideal place for art enthusiasts. Every summer, the place experiences a colorful summer fest. There are amazing facilities for sports and entertainment.

Attractions such as Waveland Bowl, Windy City Ninjas, or Present Place makes this neighborhood so popular in the city. Apparently, North Center has a good amount of European cultural traits. As a result, you can feel something extra as you live in this place.


3. Streeterville

With a lot of parks in the area, Streeterville is a prime destination for a lot of people. The Ogden International School situated in this safe neighborhood creates a nice educational environment for the children.

Meanwhile, most of the apartments and condos in these neighborhoods are so tall and have much more amenities than many other neighborhoods in the city. You get access to the local gyms and sports centers without much issues. Also, there are museums, art centers, and piers in Streeterville.


4. Andersonville

For a very long time, the neighborhood called Andersonville is attracting new families with all their epic features and cultures. It has parks like West Andersonville Community Garden, Mellin Playlot Park, and Bromann Park that make it highly attractive.

The neighborhood is filled with Swedish culture and excellent constructions. Additionally, you get access to many shops and restaurants too. Chicago Waldorf is a famous school for your children to have a healthy studious atmosphere.

Salman Zafar

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