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Taking the Stress Out of Unblocking Drains

We take it for granted that water will disappear down the drain and when it doesn’t there’s no denying that a blocked drain is guaranteed to increase stress levels whether it’s in domestic, commercial or industrial premises. When the blockage is accompanied by a horrendous odour this can be a true test of endurance. You may be tempted to try to unblock a drain using a few DIY tricks but your best solution to unblocking drains is always to seek professional advice. If you are based in or around London, check out https://fsdrainage.com/drain-unblocking-services/london/

Drain specialists have the latest tools, training and qualifications to establish where the problem lies, how it is most effectively cleared and then to educate inhabitants how to avoid a blocked drain occurring again. A proactive approach on site to ensure that the disruption of unblocking drains is not a frequent issue is beneficial to the accounts too.

In today’s challenging environment the cost of professional drain unblocking services is unwelcome. The adage is true, prevention is better than cure. Maintenance and common sense play an integral part in maintaining the system.


What causes blocked drains?

The most common causes of blocked drains are objects which really have no place in a drain in the first place. Hair, toilet tissue, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, grease, fats and food are common culprits. So too are DIY projects which aren’t completed to a professional standard and unverified drain clearing methods that do more harm than good.

Rainfall has an impact on drains as the capacity to take in water is swiftly exceeded and leaves, dirt and debris can build in drains to cause a costly problem.

Every household experiences the frustration of blocked drains occasionally, and you could be tempted to purchase a drain cleaner or call up a plumber immediately, which can be expensive. This article will spare you the unnecessary hassle by sharing simple, stress-free home remedies for clogged drains.

Household products to unblock drains

Here are some products in every home you can use to unblock drains:

Hot water

The grease and soap residues might be responsible for the blockage. When you pour boiling water, the hot water will break down these soap and fat deposits, unblocking the drain. Be patient and try this a couple of times until you see the results.

Dishwashing Soap

Alternatively, if the blockage has been caused by grease and soap residues, liquid dishwashing soap can break down the solids. Pour in the liquid dishwashing soap, followed by hot water. An added benefit of using liquid soap is getting rid of unpleasant smells.

Baking soda, salt, and vinegar

Start by pouring half a cup of baking soda, then a half cup of salt down the drain. Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes before pouring boiling water to clear the mixture and the clog. The baking soda and salt mix reacts aggressively, removing tougher filth blockage.

Another option is to mix a third of a cup of baking soda with a third of a cup of vinegar and pour it immediately down the drain. Allow to sit for about an hour before pouring hot water to flush it all out. Besides, this mixture will eradicate any foul smell.

Luckily, calling a plumber is the last option, and it is unlikely you get to this point. However, If you have done your best and there is no movement, consider calling your plumber. The plumber will appreciate that there is no liquid drain cleaner trapped inside the pipe waiting for them to deal with.

Why you need professional drain unblocking services

Specialists don’t rely on any of the above measures. That immediately means that you’re assured of a viable and safe service. The leading firms offering drain unblocking services provide a swift response, as little as two hours, and operate every day of the year.

Utilizing the appropriate equipment to assess the  situation and applying the most effective remedies ensures that the risk to health and safety is minimised and that the potential damage to the property caused by the blockage is limited. When the drainage specialist evaluates the blockage and believes that there is an underlying structural issue, CCTV equipment is deployed to identify the severity and to deliver accurate findings.


Water jetting, the release of highly pressured water into the affected area to unblock and clean the drain, is very often a feature of treatment. The substance causing the blockage aids the calculation of the required water pressure. Engineers should be members of the Water Jetting Association to prove their expertise and the firm should be Safe Contractor approved, CHAS accredited (Contractors Health and Safety Scheme) and offer a guarantee on all work carried out to allow you peace of mind.

Water jetting solutions are time and cost effective and there is no need to dig to reach the pipes and drains because the jetting is carried out from the drain’s opening. Please do not try to carry out water jetting without specialists, the ramifications can be serious and increase the risks to people and the property’s safety.

It’s helpful to remember that professionals have seen and smelled it all before so please don’t feel embarrassed about a blockage even if you know that your action caused the problem and you’re cringing about it. Retrospect is a wonderful thing but it can’t unblock drains, nor can recriminations. Experts simply want to complete the treatment with the minimum of distress and disruption to you. They won’t be planning to upbraid you.

A simple stress remedy

If professional drain unblocking services weren’t in high demand then the plethora of businesses in around London offering their services would have no need to exist. Don’t waste your time or money. Seek expert assistance at the earliest opportunity, have a cup of tea and wait for the solution to knock on the door. That’s a far less stressful option.

Emergencies are never welcome but they happen. Know where the best practices and solutions lie.

Salman Zafar

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