running away from car accident scene

5 Reasons Someone Might Drive Away from a Car Accident Scene

In New Orleans, there’s always a lot going on. It’s a party town known for Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street, where there is always a festive atmosphere at any time of year. People do come from all over the world to enjoy New Orleans, and they appreciate the fantastic food, music, and its rich history.

However, the city does have its dangers, just like any other, and car accidents are right up at the top of that list. Some individuals drive recklessly when they get to New Orleans, while others allow their smartphones or other technology to distract them. While all of that is bad news, it pales in comparison to the hit-and-run accident, one of the worst kinds.

You might not understand why someone would drive away from an accident scene, but there are several potential reasons. Let’s discuss five of the most common ones right now.

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1. Drugged Drivers

It sounds incredible, but stats show that as many as one-third of New Orleans car accidents are hit-and-runs. These incidents might occur within New Orleans proper, or they also happen in nearby Greta and the surrounding countryside.

When they happen, drugged drivers often cause them. If you have a driver who is high on marijuana, prescription pain medication, MDMA, or other substances, they probably don’t want to stick around and wait for the police to interview them. The cops will likely notice they have dilated pupils, smell like weed, or they’ll see other telltale signs.

A drug user is liable to hit your car and make a swift getaway if they can. If that happens, you must wait for the police and try to describe the driver and vehicle to them if you saw them.

2. Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers leave vehicle accident scenes frequently too. The situation there is the same as with a drugged driver. The drunk driver might feel like the cops will smell the alcohol on their breath, and they know they will fail a breathalyzer if the police administer one.

Even individuals who are not sure they are over the legal limit might not stick around to talk to the police. They’re even more likely to take off if they have had DUIs before. They know this may be the one that lands them in jail, or they might not want to pay the fine and face the driver’s license suspension that could come about as a result of their reckless actions.

3. Drivers with Extensive Criminal Records

There are also drivers in New Orleans and elsewhere that might have extensive criminal records. If someone has a felonious past and they hit another car, they may realize they have active warrants in the system. Those warrants might be for something relatively innocuous, like child support, but you may just as easily encounter a driver who has a warrant for a serious felony.

That driver will think nothing of fleeing the scene as quickly as they can. If they’ve got a lengthy rap sheet, they probably won’t spend a lot of time considering whether or not to flee from a car wreck. They will do it instinctively, as a matter of course.

4. Young Drivers

You might have a situation where a young, inexperienced driver hits you. Maybe this individual is a teenager, or they are in their early twenties.

Perhaps they don’t want to get in trouble with their parents, so they try to leave before the cops can talk to them for that reason. They might even be driving a vehicle at the time that belongs to their mom or dad. They would sooner make up a story rather than facing parental wrath because they made a driving mistake.

running away from car accident scene

5. Older Drivers

You might have a car wreck where an older adult crashes into you. Maybe this person does not have the best vision or hearing anymore. They might want to leave the scene because they don’t want the police and the court system to take their license away.

A senior driver might even think that the rules don’t apply to them like they do to younger drivers. They may be arrogant enough to leave the scene if they feel like the accident didn’t cause much damage and they did not injure anyone.

Bottom Line

If you are in a car accident in the New Orleans area, make sure never to flee the scene, regardless of your reasons for doing so. That’s a serious crime that could have lasting repercussions.

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