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6 Tips to Apply Individual Lashes

If you are a fan of false lashes, you must be familiar with lash extensions. While false lashes are attached to your eyelids above your lash line, lash extensions are glued directly to your lashes. There are many differences between false lashes and lash extensions.

The former is cost-effective but does not give an authentic finish as the latter does. Moreover, while lash extensions are supposed to last for 6-8 weeks, false eyelashes are only meant to be applied for a day or for as long as your makeup lasts.

In this constant tussle between false lashes and lash extensions, individual lashes are a game-changer. A midway option between the two, individual lashes solves a lot of issues that arise when you think of choosing between false lashes and extensions. A less pricey form of eyelash extensions, individual lashes can be applied at home just like false eyelashes can. And much like false lashes, individual lashes are only meant to last for a day or as long as your makeup does.

Apprehension at applying individual lashes by yourself without professional help seems like a daunting task especially since false eyelashes take so much time and effort to put on. At first glance, applying individual lashes at home might seem time-consuming but if you follow these six tips, the entire experience would be a breeze:

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1. Sanitize your Tools and Clean your Face

Sanitizing your tools should be your first step before you sit down to apply individual lashes. Sanitizing your tools would only take a minute and will greatly reduce the chances of infection.

While you are at it, clean your face, eyes, and hands thoroughly. Dry your face and the area around your eyes before you go ahead with the application. Drying your face would remove any residue of soap from your skin and would ensure that the adhesive holds properly when applied.

2. Put Mascara First

Do not jump directly to attaching individual lashes. Much like before you put on false eyelashes, do your eye makeup before you put on individual lashes. However, be sure to put mascara before you start applying glue to your lashes.

While you put mascara as the last step when you put on false eyelashes so that they blend well with your natural lashes, it is the opposite with individual lashes. Putting mascara first has two reasons. First, they would give your natural lashes some strength so that they can take the weight of individual lashes. Second, applying mascara after you attach individual lashes might ruin the whole process by clumping lashes together or causing them to fall off.

3. Wait for the Glue to get Sticky

Applying individual lashes resembles the effect of getting lash extensions but the procedure for it is remarkably similar to the application of false eyelashes. Before you apply false eyelashes, you should wait for the glue to get thicker so that the lashes can stick better. The same principle applies here.

What you need to do is take the glue out into a plastic tray and wait for half a minute so that it gets sticky. This needs to be done so that you do not waste your time and effort by sticking individual lashes with runny glue. For the lashes to set as soon as you attach them to your lashes, the adhesive needs to get sticky.

4. Position your Head Right

The typical position while applying eyeliner or attaching false eyelashes is essentially the same. Your head needs to be titled back which means you need to hold your chin up. Look straight into the mirror in front of you when you apply individual lashes. Do not close the eye on which you are applying individual lashes. It might lead to your bottom and top lashes sticking together. You do not need to be told how uncomfortable, if not painful, that would be.

5. Use Tweezers

No, we are not asking you to use tweezers to pull your lashes out. Use your tweezer to pick an individual lash, gently touch the base of the lash cluster into the sticky glue. Start from the outer edge of your lash line and work your way to the inner side. Attach the eyelash cluster in such a way that the glue attaches to your lashes and not to the skin of your eyelids. Wait for a few seconds before you jump onto the next cluster. In case you are unhappy with the cluster you have just placed, just pluck it out and replace it after another dip in the adhesive.

The positioning of the eyelash cluster determines on the type of look you are going for. If you would like a more natural look, a few clusters would suffice while for a more dramatic look, the lashes would have to be attached close by to give a more enticing appeal.

tips to apply eyelash curler

6. Clamp after Drying

After you feel happy with the placement of your individual lashes, give them at least 10-15 minutes to fully dry. You can finish the rest of your makeup in the meantime. After the required time has passed, use an eyelash curler or just your thumb and forefinger to clamp your fake and real lashes together. The mascara you put before you began would aid you.


After applying lash extensions at home, you are set for the day. However, take care that you keep your lashes away from water as it can cause the glue to lose effect. By the end of the day, you do not need to follow any special procedure to remove the lashes. Just put a cotton ball soaked with oil-based makeup on your lashes. It would break down the adhesive and you can continue removing the rest of your makeup the way you regularly do. Do not forget to take them off. Since individual lashes are use-and-throw, you can opt for a supplier that deals with individual lash wholesale to get a better price. To sum up, not only are individual lashes a practical option in comparison to getting lash extensions, but they also give a better overall effect than false lashes do.

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