tips to prevent makeup from melting off face

How to Prevent Makeup From Melting Off Your Face?

Doing your facial makeup can be an invigorating experience that enhances your outward appearance. But, nothing is worse than setting up your face only to have it slowly melt off throughout the day. Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your skin is something that comes with practice. You are not going to be good at applying your makeup after just one time. Which is why it’s important to take the time to invest in good makeup products.

Whether your career is in the fitness industry or you work in a factory, the right makeup will make all the difference in your appearance, and the preservation of your makeup is an important thing. The common misconception is that only cheap makeup will drip off your skin, but this is wrong.

Even if you are using a drugstore makeup the way that you apply it is going to dictate how it shows up on your skin. Enhancing your outward appearance is something that can take time and practice, but the last thing that you want is to have dripping makeup all over your face. Fortunately, there is a bit of practice that you can put into doing your makeup that will make all the difference in the world. Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best tips to stop your makeup from melting off of your face.

Start With The Prep

The first and most important step to ensuring that your makeup stays on your face is to prep your skin. Healthy skin is everything, and if your skin isn’t healthy then the makeup is going to fall right off of your face. Naturally prepping your skin can be a hard thing to do if you have a busy daily schedule, or if you are just new to full-fledged skincare. As with painting a real-life wall, a clean surface is everything. So, if your facial skin is naturally oily, the makeup isn’t going to stick to your skin.

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When you take the time to nourish your skin you’ll notice that your makeup will go on much smoother. Your morning routine should involve an invigorating facial cleanser, which will open your pores and make it a little bit easier to add makeup to your skin.

The overall look and feel will be an improvement then if you are just trying to apply makeup to dirty skin. Utilizing a nightly face mask is also an excellent way to modify how your skin reacts to different makeups.

Use Toner

Another way that you can increase the way that makeup sticks to your skin is to use a toner everyday. Toner is an instrumental part of taking care of your skin, and when it comes to skin prep, a toner does the job well. Toner is generally something that you’ll use after exfoliating and cleansing. If you are experiencing your makeup just melting off of your skin, the reason could be that you are not exfoliating or using a toner.

In addition to using your daily toner, you’ll want to combine the toner with a firm moisturizer. Moisturized skin is much easier to take care of, and your makeup will have a much better canvas to work with. Nothing is more important in preserving the look of your makeup than using a toner on your skin.

Eye Primer

Another important part of the makeup process is covering your eyes. Generally, people will wear makeup to hide such things as under-eye bags and fine lines. Eye primer is a great way to enhance the look of your eyes but it also ensures that the makeup is going to stick to your face. Whether it’s under-eye shadow or cream, the right primer will make sure that the makeup stays in its place. This is especially important if you plan on going to the gym or doing other physical activity that could cause you to sweat.

Utilizing an eye primer will make sure that your makeup stays firmly planted around your eyes. An eye primer will also make sure that your eyeliner stays in place, otherwise, your eyeliner wing will be ruined along with the whole eye makeup. If you’ve ever seen someone crying with eyeliner on then you know how much of a mess this can become. The right eye primer will prevent this from happening and keep your facial area looking great no matter what. Consider microblading to speed up your morning routine.

Oil-Free Foundation

Of course, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is to make sure that you are using an oil-free foundation. An oily foundation is going to get messy, and if you are using a good deal of makeup on your face it will get messy with very little movement.

When you use an oil-free foundation, your face can sweat without causing a mess, and if you use a toner on top of an oily foundation, you’ll know why choosing an oil-free one is important.

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The best choice is to use a powdered foundation because your makeup will stick right to it. Oil-free foundations come in several different types and if you don’t particularly like powder foundation you can still find an oil-free cream.

The right foundation will ensure that your makeup is sticking to your skin instead of wearing off. The problem with makeup is that it needs some sort of foundation or primer to stick to, so instead of skipping the foundation go ahead and add it.

Layering Your Products

When it comes to applying makeup the main thing to remember is not to use a single product. Your makeup is going to melt if you don’t use a primer, and toner is only there to protect the final product. Makeup is meant to be a multiple-step process, and if you want your makeup to last for the whole day, you’ll take the time to use the different products in concert with each other. To get that perfect look, check out the make up essentials from Youtime.

Utilizing the tips above, you can successfully keep your makeup from melting and smearing all over your face, even on the busiest days in your life.

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