Top 3 Ways to Control The Pigeon Population

Pigeon population growth has become a growing issue lately. Hospitals, power houses, homes, buildings, and human health and safety have been at stake since then. These problems have brought the man to find out ways to resolve this problem.

Mankind has invented many methods for this purpose, but not every pigeon control process comes out to be effective. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the three most effective ways of controlling the pigeon population.

Pigeon Birth Control Program

One method that is tested and proved to be the most effective and long lasting solution to the pigeon problem is a birth control program for pigeons. It is recognized not only as one of the most effective ways but is also accepted worldwide as the most humane pigeon control method.


How Does the Pigeon Birth Control Program Work?

It works just like birth control plans in human beings. In this pigeon control process the pigeons are treated with a medicine that works as a contraceptive. The required amount (as advised on the label) is added to their regular feed and is fed to them at a fixed time with regular intervals. The pigeons treated with this contraceptive lay eggs, but the eggs do not hatch. Hence, no more growth of the pigeon population.

What Makes Birth Control The Best Pigeon Control Method?

This method is very effective in getting long-term results, and it is the primary reason that makes it superior to other conventional methods. Results have shown a 50% decrease in pigeons’ population in the first season that goes up to more than 90% decrease in the next few seasons.

Benefits of Pigeon Birth Control Program

  • It provides long lasting results.
  • It is a very effective method.
  • It is the most humane method.
  • It is accepted globally as a safe method.
  • It can be used anywhere.

Limitations of Pigeon Birth Control Program

  • It needs some time to show results ( at least 3 to 6 months).
  • It needs some estimations to be done beforehand.
  • It may need close monitoring.

Pigeon Scaring Methods

Another effective method of controlling the increasing pigeon population in your surroundings is the pigeon scaring method. This is, in fact, a collective term used for many different devices and ways used to scare the birds. Below we will discuss some commonly used pigeon scaring or pigeon deterrent methods.

1. A Motion Activated Sprinkler

What pigeons hate the most is an unexpected spray of water. If you want your home garden, rooftop, or other areas free of pigeons, you can install a motion activated water sprayer. Many sprinklers are available in the market that come with a combination of a sprayer, repelling sounds, and movements that can scare away unwanted guests from your yard.


These devices are equipped with a smart sensor that can differentiate between the movements of animals and winds. The sensor can be adjusted according to the requirements of your pigeon control plan. It can detect movement from a distance of 40 feet. The sprayers usually cover an area of 1600 square feet. However, you can narrow down the range of motion depending upon your area requirements.

The sprinklers also offer time adjustments to set whether you need them to work in the day time or at night.

2. Ultrasonic Devices

These are the electronic devices that produce high pitched emissions called ultrasound. They are usually installed within the body of fake owls or falcons that are used to scare pigeons. When these two devices are combined, they work effectively to scare pesky birds.

However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how real these fake devices look, pigeons will soon start taking them as a joke. So, you need to keep changing their position to give pigeons an eerie surprise as soon as they start befriending them.

3. Other Bird Repellents

Other bird repellents include gels, spikes, electric shock tracks, the use of CDs for light reflections, etc. All these methods are used to scare pigeons away from your territory by creating an unfavourable environment for them.

Setting Pigeon Traps

Another very commonly used method that is quite effective in keeping these birds away from your territory is the use of pigeon traps. Many different types of pigeon traps are readily available in the market. You can also make use of some DIY at home ideas for trapping the pigeons.

The trapped pigeons are then safely removed and released at a place far from the inhabited areas. The pigeon traps are effective only if the pigeon problem is just a few months (1 to 2 months) old. But if your area has long been an occupied territory, there are chances that the trapping method will fail badly.

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