benefits of game art outsourcing

Why Do Studios More Often Turn To Game Art Outsource Services?

Recently, the gaming market has been experiencing sharp growth. The number of orders is growing, so developers have become more likely to use the services of outsourcing companies.

In 2020, XDS conducted a study and published an article where the main topic was the work of outsourcing companies in the development of video games. According to statistics, developers have become more likely to turn to game art outsource companies. More than 90% of studios already cooperate with outsourcing companies. In the near future, almost all studios will transfer to this type of activity.

Why transfer of the project to an outsourcing company?

  • Outsourcing companies for game development have become very popular. The main reason is the ability to work on any project, despite the amount of work. The company has a large staff of employees, so building up skills is not difficult. Each project is a whole stream of work, so people with different qualifications are required. But it is almost impossible to search for each person separately. In addition, they will establish contact for a long time in order to work as a team. The outsourcing company already has a well-coordinated team, where each employee connects to the project and gives out creative ideas.
  • The second most important reason is the large number of orders. Video games are released every year. Their number is only growing. In such conditions, it is important to do the work quickly and accurately. There is no time to gather employees, you need to start working right away.
  • In addition, if you give orders to one company, you can save money. As a rule, the company requests a fixed amount, which depends on the volume and complexity of the project. But the customer knows how much they will have to pay. is an outsourcing company that creates video games. The company’s portfolio includes many games that are popular all over the world. The company has been working for several years, so it has a lot of experience.  The main reason why studios use game art outsource services is the ability to connect professionals to projects to improve the quality of work.

benefits of game art outsourcing

What can an outsourcing company provide?

All customers give deadlines for the work. No one wants to wait for the game for years. A busy schedule is part of the job. Outsourcing companies have experience, so they always record the results and quickly move on to the next stage of work.

The company’s team consists of specialists who are ready to perform complex tasks. You can’t get into such a company without knowledge and skills. Even the most difficult project is completed on time.

An outsourcing company values its reputation, so it does not take on projects that it cannot complete on time. Companies monitor each other’s work, so they can recommend another company for cooperation. Despite the experience and qualifications of employees, each company has its own specifics, and it is better not to take on projects that will be poorly executed.

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