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Why Should You Buy Local Rather Than Imported?

Many time I heard from my mom that it’s better to buy local goods rather than imported. And now together with you I’ll try to find the reasons why and prove it to myself. Here are the top reasons to buy local instead of imported:

1. Price

The local goods mostly will be cheaper because the manufacturer will not spend money for transportation and will not include his expenses in the price. But let’s think if the imported goods are of the same price as local. Then how low it’s net price should be (without transit fees) that the manufacturer will still have profit? Then what quality can we expect from that?

2. Originality

Let’s think If the product has a long way to the customer, comes from one port to another, many check points, many humans are involved in this process what can happen? Yes exactly the chances to sell you a fake product increase. And you will never know on which stage it has happened. I’m not saying that it must happen. But there is a chance, isn’t it?

3. Freshness

The local products will be more fresh because they reach the shelves of the market faster. They will not be stuck somewhere in the middle of the sea or ocean because of the storm, they will not be waiting for custom clearance and hence they don’t need additional preservation to keep them fresh. For example, if we talk about meat of fish for example then imported will be always frozen and after defrost it will lose half of vitamins and nutritional value.


If we consider veggies and fruits they will be picked up not ripe so they won’t be spoiled on the way. Also they will be covered with chemicals to keep the good look till they reach the buyers. I’m sure you don’t want to feed your loved ones with chemicals and preservatives. We have enough them in life, let’s try to reduce the income of those in the way that we can. Beside that its very good to buy seasonal fruits and veggies thus they are grown naturally.

4. Nature friendly

We all are aware of the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. And we all are aware that the more we use any kind of  transport using petrol the more emission of CO2 we produce. We can’t avoid using transport at all. But we can think of reducing the quantity and lessen the consumption when we can. So the local goods will be not transported from far away hence the  transportation of them won’t have the big impact on the environment and won’t cause the big emission of carbon dioxide and we will not be involved in the process of increasing of greenhouse effect and climate changes.

Dear friends, I’m exaggerating with a purpose to show the whole chain of our actions and their effect so one can see how each person is important and how all of us together we can change the world for better by only being aware of our habits of consumption.

5. Support Local Economy

What will happen if we support the local factories and buy local products? They will make more working places which will help to recruit more local people and support those who need job. Beside that all the taxes will go to the local budget.  Plus to all I’ve said before the circle of money will be locked in the country and it will have the income from selling-buying goods rather than giving the income abroad to foreign manufacturers.

Bottom Line

Each of you should think of those simple reasons and maybe find your own ones in the support of local products. Even though you still prefer to buy imported goods for any reason make sure that you are making it consciously but not because it’s cool or fashionable or “everyone is doing that”. Because no one else will think about you but only you. And only conscious tracking of the habits will lead us to healthy lifestyle and to a better life.

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