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The 3 New Mindsets To Take On To Live Off-Grid

Living off-grid is not so much just about getting away from it all and living in a remote area. It’s a mindset and a culture that is taken on to be able to live this way. People often get hung up on the logistics, which is totally understandable. You do have to understand what goes into making it possible such as getting solar power and figuring out your water supply.

However, without the right mentality, it won’t matter if you have your power and utilities sorted out. You won’t make it as a successful off-grid lifestyler. Changing your mindset is not very easy but if you are already thinking of living off-grid then you are already halfway there. In this article, we will go over some of the things that you will need to think differently about.

1. Go zero waste

A modern lifestyle is incredibly wasteful and it is important to try to reduce as much waste as possible. Even living off-grid can have you taking on the same bad habits as anybody else if you don’t try to curb your waste. It is a huge benefit to be off-grid and lower your footprint that way. Yet, not going zero waste is a bit of a half measure.

zero waste lifestyle

Start thinking about everything you throw away and try to reduce it. Recycling is great, but the better and more efficient solution is to use less and repurpose what you are using regularly.

There are times when you do have to use disposable items, however. When it is unavoidable, look at solutions that use things that are biodegradable such as eco-friendly kitchen accessories.

Try to reduce how many products you use and definitely look for no packaging sources. If you buy in bulk you can reduce your use of wasteful packaging.

2. Use fewer resources

It seems like you are already all set with the resource consumption dilemma when you go off-grid but there is still work to do. You should still try to use as few resources as possible.

greywater use in garden

For instance, even if you have a well, you should think about the ways that you consume water. It isn’t unlimited even when you have a well. Try to use as little water as possible by adding things like a greywater system on the property to keep your garden well watered.

3. Grow your own food

Getting off the grid for many means removing yourself from the supply chain as well as being energy independent. Growing your own food and going off grid go hand in hand. You will enjoy not contributing to global warming and the destruction of the topsoil in heavily agricultural areas when you start a vegetable garden.

grow your own food

In addition to those benefits, you will also be eating food that is far healthier for you and tastes better than anything store-bought. The first time you taste a perfectly ripe tomato or strawberry right off the vine, you will be amazed at how much more flavor they have.

Salman Zafar

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