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Winning in the Resource Revolution

Resource revolution represents one of the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century. Nations around the world have experienced growing strain on natural resources over the past few decades. The prices of commodities like gas, oil and coal have risen significantly. In addition, the percentage of national spending on natural resources has increased. With an increase in the number of consumers, there is a  need for an increase in supply as well as more measured use of resources.

Advancements in technology have  helped reduce the strain on natural resources. New processes such as fracking or hydro fracturing of natural gas have been of great significance in reducing unsustainable rates of resource exploitation. Such technological advancements have contributed to  the significant reduction in price of essential commodities such as oil .


Inventions like self-driven vehicles, drones, modern batteries and custom manufacturing will have significant implications for the fate of commodities. Many companies such as  Global Resource Solutions are pioneers in the provision of services, creating solutions necessary for the commodity market to reduce resource over-exploitation. Visit and have a look at some of the services they offer.

To create a change, patience is key. The different and new technological transformations are yet to spread to all markets and sometimes many not be widely accepted. Those who fail to acknowledge the changing dynamics will miss out on  opportunities.

Below are some of the ways through which the future will somehow be different from our past and current resource consumption culture.

Reduced Prices

The prices of natural resources will be much lower in the future. Inventions in  various sectors will see a reduced demand for some of the essential commodities, which will consequently  trigger a reduction in prices. The demand for commodities, like iron ore, is expected to decrease by over 25% in the next few years.

Business Opportunities

Resource-related business opportunities will emerge in different  areas, some of which in the least expected places. The drastic changes taking place in the resource sector have helped create a number of contemporary products and services.

Different industries will experience serious transformations. Innovations that come to fruition  as a result of the resource revolution will help create many and varied job opportunities.

Digitization of Companies

It is evident that the resource revolution will be use digital technology. Companies will be required to adapt to the change  inspired by technology. Each company should be in a position to digitize and take control of their  data analysis. This will, in a way, impact how different firms sell, market, operate and organize themselves.

High Resource Productivity

Companies  will have more authority over the structure of their  resource expenditure, which is key to increasing productivity. The automotive industry is one that will significantly contribute to this.

digitization companies
Resource revolution will make widespread use of digital technologies.

Some of the existing natural resources like coal and oil will be substituted by those which are more energy-efficient and sustainable. Some of the best alternative energy sources include wind and solar.

Technological advancements have also helped improve labor output. Large  companies have adopted digital measures, such as the use of applications and sustainable manufacturing techniques, to help pass information across different levels, hence improving operations.

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