Things to Consider Before Choosing AC Installation Companies

Air conditioning has become a basic necessity all around the globe. With the increasing levels of mercury, it has become almost impossible to live without an AC. The hot and humid climate can only be driven away by installing a good air conditioning system in your home. However, there are multiple factors that need to be kept in mind before purchasing a new AC and its installation. You need to thoroughly inspect and do research for your options because it is indeed an expensive luxury.

You need to look into factors like unit size, installation necessities, skilled professionals and reputed AC installation agencies, etc.

Below are some basic points that you need to keep in mind before choosing AC companies and their installation procedures:

1. Referrals and Surveys

Before jumping onto the first option available, you should always take suggestions and feedback from the people around you. There are millions of online reviews posted, however, there’s not always a guarantee on their authenticity.


Hence, it’s advisable to ask friends and family as they would have first-hand experience with the service provider. This will give you an unbiased and necessary opinion on the servicing and maintenance of the AC companies you’re interested in.

2. Services Offered

Every company’s policy is different. Some offer you a lifelong service, while some offer the services for a specific warranty period. It’s advisable to talk to the representative about the same. Don’t forget to specifically mention about after-sales service.

Your brand-new AC unit may break or malfunction after some days or months of usage. It’s necessary to hire professionals who know their way around the specific machinery.

Hiring skilled technicians may cost a fortune thus, it’s important to see if the provider has these perks added to the purchase of its product. Another major point to be noted is the installation facility.

Some brands do not offer any installation aid, and installing the unit on your own may end up causing more harm than good. Thus, be on the lookout for companies that provide before and after sale assistance without any extra or excess charges.

3. Budget

Deciding the budget is a critical step. The budget should include the product, installation and service charges. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for an economical option with nominal to no extra charges.

Many companies do not offer installation services or overcharge for the same. You can easily opt for private air conditioning unit installation firms. Lookout for the ones that offer services at a feasible rate and have a substantial reputation. Always opt for service providers that are licensed and certified by authorities.

Complete comfort go, for example, offers a wide variety of installation services and is licensed and certified by the required authorities for the same.

However, it is suggested to not always go for the cheapest option as they might be a scam. Always search through reviews and ratings before hiring any such professional and ask for their working license.

4. Installation Requirements

There are quite a few requirements that need to be in place before you gear up to get an AC system installed. For instance, if it’s your first AC installation, you need a whole new circuit breaker, wiring, metal rack to mount the AC system, etc.


If you’re getting a new AC system installed and have all the basic requirements already in place, make sure that you re-check and get the necessary modifications done accordingly. These are compulsory must-haves that need to be looked after before setting up your cool and cozy home.


Rising temperatures call for dependable cooling options. Air conditioners have become a staple in every household. It’s extremely important to choose the right model according to the area that needs to be cooled. There are different sizes for each model and you should always consult the representative or product supplier for the right option.

Since this is an expensive and complex procedure, try hiring the best professional services in your budget. Trying to do the fittings on your own may end up costing you more than required. Hence, always look out for your best options and enjoy the bliss of a fresh, chill home!

Salman Zafar

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