Why is it Important to Diversify Energy Options for Home?

We all know energy consumption worsens global warming. The subject is in and out of the news on a regular basis. But, are we making a big enough issue of the problem? The fact that things aren’t improving would suggest not. The majority of us either ignore the warnings or feel as though we’re helpless to make any real change. But, with 40% of energy consumption in the US generated by homes, it’s possible changed habits could have more impact than we realize.

If you want proof of how much impact your energy use has on the environment, head to sites like the one found here. For the most part, we know that we’re using unsustainable fuel sources, such as coal. The majority of us are also aware that burning these releases harmful chemicals like CO2 and NOx. But, how many of us know what that means? We’re fast running out of resources like coal. Plus, these harmful chemicals are causing extreme damage to the Earth’s ozone layer.

If we know this, why do we do nothing to change? A lot of the time, the issue is one of avoidance. We either switch off to the problems or trust someone else to make the changes necessary. But, while we wait for the government and energy companies to change their ways, the issue only gets worse.

energy storage
Energy storage systems are a much cheaper option that the energy bills we already pay.

Another problem is that many of us don’t know our energy options, or how accessible they are. The majority of sustainable energy sources also offer to save us money. So, it makes no sense that many of us turn away from them. A lot of people seem to think installing something like solar panels will cost a lot. In truth, though, that isn’t the case.

Solar panels are nowhere near as expensive as we may think. And, with portable energy options on the market, this could be an even cheaper choice. It’s also possible to get wind turbines installed at home, but fewer people realize this is an option. Those that do know this is available assume that their turbines will look unappealing. In truth, though, home turbines are a lot subtler than their full-size counterparts.

And, these aren’t the only energy options open to us. It’s also possible to gain energy from energy storage systems which, again, offer an alternative to mainstream energy consumption. Yet, you hear next to nothing about this energy option in the media. So, few people know it’s something they could consider.

But, how could these options save you money? For the most part, they take away the need for an energy supplier. The majority of us spend extortionate amounts on our monthly power consumption. The above alternatives remove this need. Having wind turbines or solar panels mean you won’t pay anything after the initial cost. In fact, you stand to make money by selling any excess energy produced. Energy storage systems are slightly more pricey, requiring a monthly payment plan. But, they’re still a much cheaper option that the energy bills we already pay.

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