Temporary Staffing Industry: What’s Ahead for Recruiting Firms?

Temporary administrative staffing agencies help connect administratively and support candidates or talents with the client across different industries. The staffing agency service helps reduce the stress involved in finding a complimentary professional talent for clients’ office environment. They partner with both clients and candidates to provide mutual placement for both parties. Getting the best executive assistance for the CTO shouldn’t be the responsibility of the CTO when there are a vast number of staffing agencies out there dedicated to finding assistants. In this article, we will explain what trends are shaping the temporary staffing industry today.

Trends in the Temporary Staffing Industry

Technology For Recruitment

Professionals are considering technology to be a huge challenge because of the automation processes. Systems like Upwork, Shiftgig, Catalant, and so on benefit from the technological advancements in staffing.

Online Ads for Jobs

The number of employees getting recruited through online advertisements is increasing tremendously. Different social media platforms are playing a significant role in the hiring process. More than 13 billion revenue is generated through the online hiring process. Temporary administrative staffing agencies are hiring through online applications. Job ads in the form of short video ads, boards, or pop-ups, are being run on different online websites.

With time, more and more employees are being hired by staffing agencies digitally. There is plenty number of online staffing companies, and few of them have most market shares. LinkedIn and Recruit are at the top of the list of online hiring companies.

The Rise Of PEOs

We fully expect that Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) will continue to develop and grow, as more and more clients begin to outsource their recruitment services. From legal benefits to tapping into local talent, hiring a PEO is a powerful recruitment strategy – especially if you’re expanding into a new international market.

Google Applications for Job Search

Google has recently introduced two different features that are benefiting both potential candidates and hiring companies. There is this widget added by Google called Google Job Search, which helps candidates to find relevant jobs according to their qualifications, and it helps the hiring firms to find potential candidates for their clients.

The application process for candidates is very simple, and some other tools help them to find the distance from their homes to the office. This feature attracts more competing candidates to the clients. The other function, which is basically for the help of staffing agencies, is called Google Cloud Job Discovery. The Google search bar is shown on their boards and is charged on the basis of each search. Many firms are already using this feature.

temporary staff hiring trends

Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence to the hiring process is going to bring forth some serious challenges for the candidates. The reason is Artificial Intelligence (AI) chooses candidates strictly based on merit, and no emotions are involved in the selection process.

The method of hiring will become comparatively aggressive in the near future. The giant techs are introducing AI in almost every aspect from shopping to staffing. For example, this saves time for IT recruiters because AI built in the search engines recommend skilled candidates. AI searches people who have posted their gigs on any platform.

Quick screening process

When the firms spend overtime on the screening process, they lose many potential candidates because of wastage of time. There should be a quick screening process introduced, which helps the firms run a quick background check. The screening process should be industry-specific, one who downsizes the large pool of candidates.

Diversification in hiring

People from different cultures bring multiple benefits to the firms; for example, when a firm wishes to do business with a Chinese firm; their Chinese employees will help them better than the local employees. Moreover, they bring talents and skills with them, and through their experiences, they help the firm in unexpected ways. Innovative ideas are brought to the company, and the brand image also improves.

The employees from different countries have language skills which help to open new doors of business in different countries. Many top organizations are launching stores in different countries; such employees help them to understand different cultures.

Training and coaching for best career

Different firms are providing training and coaching to their employees. Finding a skillful employ is a difficult step, but to adjust them in the environment is also essential. The employers train newly recruited employees the rules and regulations of the firm and all the processes.

Employees are asked to give their best and put effort other than requested in the job description. The new trend is not only coming on the merit of the job skills required but also giving extra for the success of the firm.

Temporary workers will increase gradually

There are many candidates in the market, but short of many quality ones. This will encourage hiring temporary workers to fill the positions and increased demand for contract workers.

Mobile recruitment will continue to rise

Mobile devices are used in searching for jobs on the web. This ensures that communication is done on mobile and helps in recruitment easily. It further attracts candidates.

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