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What are the Recruitment Companies in Singapore?

Singapore is known for having a thriving job market. It has many expat workers, new college graduates, or even those who have resigned from their previous jobs searching for new opportunities. Many recruitment companies in Singapore are capable of matching job seekers to potential employers. Competition in the job market is always stiff, so that a person would require the services of a recruitment company. Though the recruitment companies in Singapore are numerous, it is imperative to know which one offers legit services. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best recruitment companies in Singapore that will help link you to your next dream job.

Best recruitment agencies in Singapore

Here are some of the best recruitment companies in Singapore that would help you get your best job opportunity:

best recruitment agency in singapore

1. Randstad

Randstad is one of the best recruitment companies in Singapore, with over 25 years of operation in Singapore and ten years internationally; it offers specialized and dedicated recruitment services to its clients. It is one of the sought-after recruitment firms, especially for senior positions in Singapore. Both employers and employees can use this site. When looking for employment opportunities, all you need is to key in the industry you want, and you will be given some choices to select. Here are some of the positions and professional fields that this company can help you get recruitment.

Job status: Contract/ Permanent/Temporary

Fields/Industry: Banking and Finance, information technology, accounting and finance, Legal Corporate, Supply chain and manufacturing, sales and marketing, property and construction, life sciences, human resource, and others.

2. Phoenix recruitment

Phoenix is also known as the best recruitment company in Singapore for those searching for opportunities in the Construction and Real Estate industry. This company was started in 2020; the founders had 20years of experience in the industry thus are among the best. Here are some areas of the companies and areas of specialization that this company can help you find a job.

Fields/Industry: Construction, Real Estate, Architecture & Design, Built Environment, Civil Infrastructure

Companies: Contractors, Engineering Consultants, Subcontractors, Developers, PM/QS consultants, Interior Designers, Developers, Data Centers, Fit-out Contractors, and Building Service Providers.

3. Frazer Jones

Are you looking for an HR search and recruitment company in Singapore? Then Frazer Jones is your best bet. Founded in 1996, Frazer Jones a known global HR search and recruitment leader and specialist. This company works exclusively in this market and thus why they have established their name as a market leader. The position ranges from interim, permanent, and fixed term. Here are some of the positions in this industry that you are likely to get with this company.

Level of jobs: Entry-level, middle level, a senior level

Industries/fields: Logistics Travel, finance, technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, biotech, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, chemical, retail, and luxury goods sectors.

best recruitment agency in singapore

4. Huxley

Huxley is also one of the well-known entire service recruitment companies in Singapore. The company headquarters is in the UK and it has offices situated all-round the globe. Being an international agency, the company has made a name to provide exemplary services to its clients. This recruitment company provides incredible results whether you require a fintech recruitment solution or STEM hiring services. Here are some of the specializations, types of jobs, and positions you can get.

Job Type: Mid-level, entry-level, senior level

Industries: Banking and Financial Service example internal audit, operations, sales, and marketing. Technology recruitment like extensive data Analysis, cloud infrastructure, and cloud security.

5. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a recognized name among the top recruitment companies in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. This company has been providing recruitment services since 1946, and thus they are known for their top-notch services. This is also proved by the data on their global website, where they claim to have connected more than one million people to employment opportunities. Here are some of the specializations and levels of jobs that you will get with them.

Employment positions: temporary, contract permanent

Industries: Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, IT, Exhibition & Promotions, Healthcare & Lifesciences.

These are some of the recruitment companies in Singapore that are known for their excellent services. If you are job seeking in Singapore and stuck on where to start, then take a look at the ones listed above.

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