How to Find Quality Candidates for Your Company?

Finding the right candidates to fill vacancies in your company can often be a serious challenge. It’s not just about finding someone whose resume fits the bill – it’s about finding someone who is dedicated, a go-getter, and cares about adding value to your company while improving their own career.

That leads many employers to ask: what does it take to find high quality candidates?

That’s what we’re here to answer. There are a few steps that you can take starting today that will help ensure that the candidates you bring on are the kind of people you want working in your organization. Before getting into it, find the best background checking services online.

1. Start by networking

The first step in your search for high-quality candidates is networking. These days, online hiring is both a blessing and a curse: your applicant pool is much bigger than it would be if you couldn’t get the word out as easily to as many people, but now you have to sift through way more people to find the ones who are the right fit for your company.

Networking can help. With tons of young professionals pouring out of universities every year looking for work, you’re sure to be able to find a solid set of applicants quickly if you get in touch with professional contacts to see if they know any aspiring applicants.

Or, if you’re looking for a more seasoned professional, it’s effective to attend networking events where you can come in contact with people who might be highly skilled but are looking for more than what their current company can offer them.


Either way, talking to people in your circle is the first step to finding the right set of people for you to work with.

Step 2: Hone your hiring process

You likely already have a hiring process in place. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be improved. Your hiring process should serve as a thorough and informative test of a potential applicant’s abilities – whether they have the skills and personality necessary for the job, how they perform under pressure, and whether they have the people skills you’re looking for, too.

Here are a few parts of your hiring process to think about:

  1. Decide what you’re looking for from resumes. Is it just about having the right education and experience, or is there something else you’d like to see on that first impression?
  2. Rethink your interview process. A straightforward talk-interview is great, but think about going further, like implementing interview tests of candidates’ skills.
  3. Do you perform any safety checks on candidates? Companies with sensitive data should think about what types of background checks are most appropriate for their industry.

A more thorough and complete hiring process is more likely to deliver you the candidates that have the concrete skills you need, rather than just being another time-wasting step in the process.

Step 3: Consider your company culture

Company culture is another key ingredient when finding the right candidates. Having a highly-skilled and connected team of employees isn’t just about getting the right professionals onboard – it’s about getting the right people too.

When hiring candidates, it’s important to consider what they can bring to the company culture. Will they get along well with their coworkers, have solid relationships, respect boundaries, and be attuned to their team’s needs? A candidate’s personality is often just as important as their skill set, and is something you should also use to vet applicants.

Before getting serious about hiring, try to define your company culture, what values you hold, and what you’d like to see from an aspiring employee.

Step 4: Get serious about your candidates

Lastly, it’s important to take your hiring process seriously. Too many companies will receive a resume – or even complete an interview – then simply never get back to the applicant. This gives your company a bad reputation, and it’s just disrespectful as well.


In order to attract high-quality talent, your reputation as a serious and diligent employer should be impeccable. That means treating each applicant with respect, carefully considering them, and promptly letting them know whether they’ve made it to the next round in the hiring process, or whether they aren’t a good fit.


To find quality candidates for your company, invest time in networking, honing the hiring process, defining company culture, and respecting your applicants.

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