Do You Need a Mobile Signal Booster for Your Business?

Running a business is very challenging and rewarding at the same time. And, naturally, we all want to make the experience as smooth as possible, but you will inevitably face many unexpected complications on the path of making your business viable and strong. One of those complications is unsteady connection. You might have a real problem on your hands if you and your employees constantly experience dropped calls and have unreliable 4G service. Luckily, there’s always a possibility of installing a mobile signal booster, which will take care of the problem and let you get back to the day-to-day activities.

With your problems in mind, we created a small list of situations, where businesses typically require reception assistance, but before we get to the list itself, let’s briefly discuss signal boosters and how they work, which will hopefully be helpful and answer some questions you might’ve had on the matter. 

What is a mobile signal booster?

A cell phone signal booster or amplifier is a device that receives the outside mobile signal, makes it stronger, and then broadcasts the enhanced signal over a designated area. Quite simple, isn’t it? Clear connection and fast mobile data internet. 

Any mobile signal booster has the following components: the outside antenna, the amplifier, and the indoor antenna. The outside antenna is designed to receive the outside signal (however weak) and transfer this signal on to the amplifier through a coaxial cord. The amplifier will make the signal much stronger and then pass it on to the indoor antenna, again, through the medium of a coaxial cord. The indoor antenna will then broadcast the strong signal over a certain area in your office (the whole building, or a section), and the devices will recognize and receive the new,  strong mobile signal. 



There are different types of boosters depending on what kind of service is faulty, what area you need covered, operator, and outside signal strength. We’ll get back to that and go over the differences a bit later on, but now, let’s see: 

What situations and businesses typically need a signal booster

1. Business in a remote location

This is actually a pretty diverse range. You might be running a farm deep in the country, or have a small hotel on a beach somewhere, or maybe you rent out a cabin in the woods! (without the creepy complication, of course). Whichever the case, if you are far from a big city, you might experience weaker-than-usual signal. Considering, that your business is most likely in the service industry, a weak signal is not an option at all. You need to provide your clients with strong reception, especially in remote areas, to make them feel safe and connected. 

2. Businesses located in a basement or half-basement venue

Now, we are not implying you are running a dodgy business, what we mostly mean is bars, restaurants, pubs, etc. Or it might be a small call center, why not, or a hairdressing salon. The important part is that going even slightly lower than the 1st floor level might cause you to have very low reception, especially in old buildings with excessive metal and wiring in the construction.   

3. Businesses that rely heavily on calls and high-speed internet

If you deal with customers all day, you can’t risk leaving even one small section of the office without perfect reception. All of your employees must be connected and ready at all times, so it’s necessary to provide them with flawless call quality and 4G reception. The same goes for beauty salons and especially hotels. You can’t have a great connection in one room and bad in the other. 

If you recognize your business in any of the points mentioned above, you might be a prime candidate for owning a booster. But now, let’s discuss how to choose one correctly and not lose money in the process. 

How to choose the right signal booster for your needs

Choosing the right device is no rocket science, but there are a few useful points to consider:

1. Location

If your business is located in the city, you are most likely experiencing faulty signal only on the inside, but the outside signal is strong enough. In this case, you don’t need to overpay for a Powerline booster and a regular one will suffice. However, if you are located deep in the country, and subsequently far from a cell tower, you will experience weak outside signal and you’ll need a robust and powerful device to enhance it. 

2. Operator

Each mobile operator uses a certain frequency to broadcast its signal. And the boosters can only operate if they match that frequency. Basically, you might have a booster that works with one frequency only or a broadband device that is capable of catching signals on different frequencies. Considering that you need it to strengthen your business, we would suggest the broadband kind, hands down. You can’t predict what operator your clients are using, can you?

3. Service kind

There are boosters capable of enhancing your Call, 3G, and 4G signals separately, or all at the same time. Again, considering that you are interested in the subject matter not only as an individual user but rather as a business owner, we would recommend going with the universal device that will take care of Call, 3G, and 4G service signals together. 

4. Coverage

Coverage is the area the booster is effective in. The range of coverage in the booster world is quite large, from under 1000 sqft up to more than 20.000 sqft. And you definitely want to avoid overpaying for a bigger set, so calculate the area and get the booster set you need to make your business more successful. 


We hope you stay on top of your reception problems and make smart decisions to benefit your business! Choose the device carefully and if you have any further questions you can always contact the manufacturer to find out more! 

Salman Zafar

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