Convert Your PPT Files to PDF with these Easy Steps

PowerPoint is a proprietary presentation format from Microsoft. It’s a popular tool used by millions of users all over the world. The reason for this is its accessibility and compatibility. PowerPoint makes a presentation easy because it incorporates audiovisual files. Trainers use this program. This is also used by people who are doing marketing campaigns or production. However, sometimes people want to change the PPT presentation to PDF format. Converting PPT to PDF is easy. You only need to have access to a working computer, an online converter tool, and good internet connectivity.


Your PowerPoint presentation needs a computer screen to work, of course. However, your computer is also instrumental in converting PPT to PDF online, using a useful tool. Your computer doesn’t have to be the latest brand, but it should be good enough to work on MS Office. It should also be able to handle the latest browser update. Older computers tend to be sluggish.

PDF Converter Tool

You need this PDF editing tool to change your PPT to PDF format. Don’t worry, and this is a cloud-based tool. There is no need for you to download it to your computer. You only need a good browser for this to work.


You can use Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any browser of your choice. You also need to have an updated version. If your browser is a little slow, then you need to clear your cache. PDF Bear is very secure since it works on the cloud. There is no way for malware, computer glitch, or hackers to damage your files. What’s more, this converter tool is also lightweight. Your tasks are faster, and you don’t have to know computer programming to do the conversion work.


PDF Bear: The Best Converter Tool

PDF Bear is an online converter tool. It helps you convert your documents into various formats. There are two versions of PDF Bear. One is a free version. This method allows you to use all the tools and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The other one is the premium version. Aside from the tools, you also get cloud storage. This is important when you have many files you are working on. Storing all of them in the cloud for future use makes working with PDF Bear so convenient. There is also a customer assistant that goes with the premium version. This is great when you run into trouble.

Both free and premium accounts are also secured. You don’t have to worry about your files being accessed. The tool uses cloud encryption, which protects all your files. You can access all of them for future use. You can also have unlimited upload and download. It also lets you work with multiple tasks. Because it is cloud-based, it is fast. It doesn’t rely on the limitations of your computer. You are getting a premium version that has added value.

Steps in Converting PPT To PDF using PDF Bear

  1. The first step in changing your PPT file to PDF is to choose your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. This is the document you want to convert.
  2. You can drag-and-drop the file to the online converter tool. Once uploaded, you can choose to rearrange your presentation. You can watch the process as it converts the file into PDF.
  3. Once done, you can download the file to your computer. You can also share this with those you wish to collaborate with you on your task.

Converting PPT To PDF Made Easy

Unlike other tools where you need to download and run them as a program, this tool is available online. The procedure is simple because the tool site is minimalist. You can see all tools in one click. Conversion is also fast because it doesn’t rely on your computer speed. The procedure is also straightforward.


As you can see, it only takes three processes to complete this task. Once you have the PDF file, you can also keep a copy of that on the cloud. Possessing a document makes it easier for you to do future conversions and downloads. Having the option can make you more productive.

Importance of Converting PPT To PDF

PowerPoint files can be edited. So, PDF conversion is something you need to protect your documents. Sometimes, files can be wiped out from your computer because of malware. There are also cases when your info can be exposed to hackers, and they can do something to your documents. Converting them to PDF has two advantages.

The first one can create a backup copy of that PPT file on the cloud. That way, you can always download the files for future use. The second is that PDF files can never be altered. You can also assign a security option to your PDF like it is for reading only.

Parting Shot

PDF files are also permanent. Meaning, the formatting can never be altered. Lines, spaces, or objects keep their form when viewed on a different computer or exported to another program. PDF files also contain the crispness of the original file form. You don’t lose the document’s integrity because they look the same way on the PDF form. If you are converting jpeg files to PDF, they will appear the same as the original. PDF files can also be viewed on any platform. This capability of the format makes it flexible and accessible anywhere.

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