How to Start Your Own Permanent Makeup Artist Business?

Permanent makeup has become one of the strongest branches of the beauty industry. More and more people choose to have their brows or lips done, so the need for permanent makeup artists is on the rise. Great business opportunity, isn’t it? But, where to start? Follow these steps towards one of the most lucrative careers nowadays.

1. Make a Business Plan

Before you apply for a permanent makeup course, you need a business plan. Bear in mind that success does not happen overnight. Even though PMU courses promise a quick return on investment, it actually takes a lot of time and practice to learn these skills.

You need to think about how much money you plan to invest. If you haven’t saved enough to learn with a reputable permanent makeup artist, then wait some more. Cheap courses may not be as informative as the more expensive ones.


Do you plan to open up your own space, or rent a bed in a salon? If you are a beginner, consider starting small, before gaining enough experience and customers to be your own boss. Think about what treatment you want to master first, and what would you like to include in your service later. Also, you can start thinking about the name of your business and ensure that your business plan covers insurance for makeup artists in case of unforeseen losses.

2. Certification and Licensing

This is the most important step when starting a PMU business. You need to be certified and completing a course is the only way to do that. Courses can be online and in person, like live microblading training in Miami. Online courses are good if you don’t have an opportunity to attend a good permanent makeup course near you. But you have a chance to attend a live course, it is a better option because it usually offers hands-on experience.

Online courses are good for people who like learning at their own time and own pace, while the advantage of a live course is that you have direct communication with the artists. Whatever you choose, know that just completing a course is not enough. Your education continues and requires a lot of hours of practice.

Licensing requirements vary for each state. Check what they are for your country. In some countries, it is enough to get certified by an accredited academy. You will also need local permits, health and safety license and bloodborne pathogen training.

3. Making Investments

First of all, invest a lot of time practicing and improving your skills. You might be eager to start earning as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t work on real people’s skin unless you are completely ready. Ask other artists for tips and feedback on forums.

Another investment you need to make is buying materials. Again, cheap materials just won’t do. Invest in high quality tools, cosmetics and pigments and it will definitely affect the quality of your work.

4. Start Working On Real People

It is time to start working for real. If you have a limited budget, you should start working at home, if possible, or rent some space in a beauty salon. You will pay less and once your business starts growing and you earn more money, you can rent the whole space just for your services.

Gaining your first customers is the hardest, so your family and friends will need to help you. When other people see how good you are, they will become your new customers. In PMU business, as in any other, quality is much more important than quality. It is better to have one customer per day, whose PMU you will do perfectly, because your work is your best advertisement.


5. Promote Your Business

Word-of-mouth recommendations work well, but you will need to promote your business to gain more customers. Start advertising wherever you can. Give your customers some promotions or discounts if they bring you more clients.

The best option is to advertise online. Invest in Google or social media ads. If you can’t, start building your Instagram page. Make good pictures of your before and after work. If not sure how to do that, check out profiles of the most popular permanent makeup artists. You can also organize a giveaway to attract more followers, thus new customers.


A career in permanent makeup is one of the most lucrative ones at the moment. However, it is not that easy to start. Remember that beginnings are not easy, but hard work definitely pays off.

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