how to make americano at home

What is Americano Coffee and How to Make it at Home

If you’ve heard of Americano coffee but have yet to try it, you’re missing out! I agree; the thought of drinking an Americano can be intimidating. After all, it’s made from espresso, and espresso is strong!

But Americano is an excellent coffee drink that’s hard not to love. Well, I may be biased since I’m writing this article. But after creating the perfect cup of Americano, I think you’ll agree.

Here, you’ll learn more about Americano and how to make it on your own at home!

A Quick History Recap

If the history buff in you is curious about where Americano coffee all began, here’s how it came to be.

During World War II, American soldiers had a hard time stomaching the strong espresso that Italians and the French drank. Who could blame them! So that they could still get their coffee fix without a heavy dose of espresso, they came up with Americano coffee.

They simply added water to the infamous Italian espresso and tada! Thus, a delicious Americano coffee drink came to be.

How Americano Tastes

If you’ve had espresso, then you know how bitter it be. But even if it’s bitter, many find it to be quite tasty. What you think of its taste all depends on your palate and how much you like espresso.

how to make americano at home

Well, with Americano, thanks to the added water, it still tastes fantastic, but it’s not as strong. It turns into the coffee that Americans are more accustomed to, but with a richer taste. Try it for yourself to see what I mean!

How to Whip Up an Americano

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, which is how to make the Americano. Are you ready to get the scoop?

Since Americano consists of espresso and water, you need the proper ratio. Usually, the ration is ½ or ? espresso and ? water. That usually equates to 1-2 shots of espresso.

If you want to ease yourself into drinking Americano, only use one shot of espresso or less.

You may have had an Americano at your local coffee shop and love it. While that’s great, keep in mind that it’s usually more watered down.

So, when making it at home, keep that in mind. You may be surprised if you make it stronger and realize it’s too strong for your liking!

How to Make it Home

Making an Americano at home is pretty simple, I promise! All it consists of is espresso and warm water. Of course, if you don’t have time to make espresso, you can buy it already prepared. Then, the shots are ready to go for you! But if you have the time to make it, I’m sure you can master it in no time.

Taylor Lane has an Americano recipe that tells you how to not only make Americano but the espresso as well!

Making an Americano in a French Press

You can make espresso in an Aeropress, drip coffee maker, or even a Moka pot. But in this article, I will outline how to make your Americano via a French press.

Here are some quick steps to follow to make it in a French Press at home:

  1. Boil some water in a kettle on your stove.
  2. While the water is heating up, grind your coffee (20 grams of fine grounds per cup of water).
  3. Put the grounds in your French Press after removing the plunger.
  4. Pour ¼ cup of water over the grounds.
  5. Wait until the grounds bloom, and then add ¾ cup of water.
  6. Let it steep for around five minutes, and then push the plunger down.
  7. Then, to create an Americano, fill half your coffee cup with hot water.
  8. Pour the espresso in the other half, and you’ll have yourself a tasty cup of Americano


Now that you have a good idea of making an Americano, here are a few more tips to consider. Keep these tips in mind when you start making an Americano at home:

  • For a more potent Americano, use a more robust espresso (good luck!)
  • To add a twist to your Americano, try adding flavors like cinnamon or flavored syrup.
  • Fresh water is essential when making it, and it should get heated up to 185°F – 200°F
  • Use the right beans, like Arabica beans or an Arabica and Robusta combination.

There’s no doubt you’ll get your caffeine in with an Americano. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a rich coffee drink steeped in history!

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