Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

Has the recent spell of warm weather inspired you to give your home some TLC? The sunny days of summer are just around the corner and now is the perfect time to freshen things up.

Perhaps you’re making home improvements because you’ve been waiting for the wintery weather to disappear or maybe you’re thinking of selling your house and want to make your property presentable to potential buyers. Whatever the reason for planning some updates in time for summer, now is a good time to start ticking off things on your to-do list.

To help you prioritise the essentials, here are some ways to prep your home for summer.

Fix the roof

Now that we’re in this pre-summer stage, now is the ideal time to check your roof tiles. The storms in February may have loosened some shingles so replacing them and fixing any leaks while the weather’s clear is a good idea.


If you find there is some damage that needs repairing when you check the roof tiles and chimney, you’ll need to get some quotes. Find a residential roof installation and repair service. Shop around for find the best price and be sure to plan your budget for this work. By inspecting things and making repairs now you could save having to pay a lot more when the weather becomes more extreme later in the year.

Reimagine the garden

If you’ve not looked at your garden in the winter months, now is a great time to tidy it up. You don’t have to stop at mowing the grass and clearing away the weeds, however.


This time before the summer months kick in is when a lot of flowering plants can be planted and thrive. Whether you want to add some colour or you’re redesigning your foliage, it’s worth investing some time in planning out how you want any flower beds to look. Or maybe you’d like to start growing your own? If you start now you could see some delicious crops by the end of summer.

Redecorate the home

A new season is perfect for adding fresh colours to your home. With the extended natural light of the summer months, you can easily see where you’re painting and get an idea of what your new colour palette looks like.


It’s also the perfect opportunity to revamp your outdoor seating. Try recovering existing furniture or grab some vibrant cushions and throws to make it feel like a new patio set.

Check the attic

Before it gets too hot, head up to the attic to check on the insulation. Do you need to update this? Are there any unwanted residents living up there? Can you see any leaks or damp?

This is the ideal time to check these things, because you can make any updates and changes before autumn rolls around.

What pre-summer changes are you making to the home?

Salman Zafar

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