Integrating Wood Finishes and Materials in Your Home Décor

Furniture catalogs and stores display wood furniture because they sell those sets. Inside a real setting, a judicious combination of different wood finishes looks extremely stylish. However, the process is that intuitive. To maintain a cohesive look in your home decor, you need to start with the basics.

  • Shopping with your samples will help you create a good mix of wood materials.
  • Trendy wood furniture from prominent brands can do the trick.
  • Complementary is always above close. When you purchase your furniture, you’re not going to end countless matching sets.
  • Hence, go for wood finishes and cuts that complement each other.
  • Spot the undertones as well. If you don’t know which wood finishes can work for you, go for pieces that have the same color routine and temperature.
  • Wood finishes with cozy and warm undertones are red, orange or yellow.
  • Cool undertones entail a grayish cast. If you have a beige undertone, the wood will get a neutral shade temperature.
  • Neutral overtones happen to be the most versatile as you can mix them with either cool or warm finishes alongside neutral woods.
  • You need to keep a common component/element. Though your stains won’t match, your wood pieces can surely click.
  • You need to consider the shape, style, period, or formality of the word.
  • Adding a unifying piece is also important. If you’re new to this turf, you can add a piece that has multiple tones.
  • Good options are burled finishes, inlaid furniture, zebrawood, and high-contrast items with large cathedrals (flame-shaped).

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Matching wood finishes

Getting different wood finishes in harmony can cause a more layered, eclectic look that creates the right amount of depth and texture.

  • It all begins with contrast flooring and furniture. Furnishings can lose their way against a similarly toned floor’s backdrop.
  • You can break the monotony by knitting light furniture with wood flooring that entails a darker patch or vice versa.
  • You can create a chic and bright contrast in this way, which characterizes contemporary spaces.
  • Darker-stained or toned furniture and light wood floor with wooden frames create a complementary and contrasting look.
  • Rich-colored planter and bench and light-colored floor create a contrasting appeal.
  • Rustic kitchens have whitewashes classic wooden chairs and rich-toned wood floors.
  • An industrial and weather-wood coffee table with a whitewashed wood floor is a bold combination.
  • Keep your generators and appliances in proximity with the surface and put generator covers on them.


Preservation of antique finishes

True antiques have mire value when you retain their original finish or professionally refinish them.

  • You need to clean the item with soft cloth and dedicated gel. Apply a premium furniture paste serum or wax and buff it with a clean cloth.
  • Surface finishes are also very crucial in the current context. They may not look as natural as the penetrating ones; they provide more protection and durability.
  • Unlike regular tung oil, surface finishes like varnish and shellac dry on the wooden top to create a fortifying coating.
  • Apply surface finishes with brushes. To minimize drips and runs, start brushing the board from the middle, and work on its edges.
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