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3 Benefits of Installing Commercial Water Purifier in Office

In any commercial establishment, paying attention to the wellness of the employees counts a lot because this is a major drive behind a successful business. Everyone knows that if employees are happy and healthy then they stay protected and they are the most crucial asset in a company. There have been a lot of studies that have reached a conclusion that the employees have a high productivity and they do their best when they are healthy both mentally and physically.

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There have been plenty of evidences that can show that the performance of an entire company can always be directly linked to the well being of the employees. It has also been said that average number of employees can operate only 60 percent of their potential if they do not remain properly hydrated.

So if a company can provide proper access to pure and safe drinking water in its office then it can be the most cost effective and easy way to ensure the fact that the employees who work for them can significantly increase their water consumption, stay hydrated and improve their health which will reflect on their work.

Many business and multinational companies used variety of wellness program initiatives when it comes to their employees’ health. They have gym facilities and free memberships, conduct health fairs and arrange for flu shots. But the primary thing that every company needs to do is to install a commercial water purifier in their office premises. This can benefit the employees the most.

Here are some major benefits that the employees and in turn the company can get by installing a commercial water purifier:

1. Less Sick Days

Many people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases these days. 30 percent of those illnesses happen because of consumption of unhealthy water. When a company cannot provide healthy water, then many employees take off work often because of stomach problems and that affects the company productivity.

When they come back after taking a leave they have huge workloads on them which increase their stress and affect their productivity. So, installing a commercial water purifier can always eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the water and ensure good health of the employees.

2. Boosts Productivity

According to many studies, if one does not drink the required amount of water, then it can lead to dehydration. This dehydration in turn can drain out all the energies from human beings and they can suffer from fatigue and sudden headaches.


Many studies claim that even less than 5 percent of water loss in the body can suppress blood flow in the brain and in turn it reduces the reaction time, attention and performance level. It can be easily avoided by installing a commercial water purifier at the office so that the employees can get clean and safe drinking water throughout the day. Drinking healthy water on a regular basis can keep the employees healthy and their mind will be at work during their office hours.

3. Saves Money

Another big advantage of installing a commercial water purifier at office is that one does not need to keep buying mineral water bottles for the commercial establishments and so they do save a lot of manpower and other administrative hassles. As a result, it saves a huge cost of bottled water.


Also, water from a purifier is much safer than that from the bottles, as they may contain water from uninsured sources. Also, bottled water is hazardous to the environment as it creates a huge amount of plastic waste.

Choosing the best commercial water purifier

When one decides to buy a commercial water purifier for their offices or business areas then they need to do a proper research before buying. There are different variations of water purifiers that are available in the market these days.

So, it can be very difficult for one to choose which one is the best and what will solve the needs of the buyer. So, before buying a commercial water purifier, one needs to keep in mind certain things so that they can end up choosing the right machine for them.

Understand the quality of water

To know which the best water purifier for one’s business is, it is important to understand the source and quality of water of that particular area. Groundwater having high TDS levels (more than 500 PPM) can always adversely affect the taste of water and if there is untreated consumption of it, then it can cause serious gastrointestinal issues. In this case one needs to choose a commercial RO water purifier which can solve the purpose.

Surface water which is supplied by the municipal corporation contains low TDS (less than 500 PPM) and one needs to protect and purify the water from impurities like viruses and bacteria. In this case, one can choose a UV water purifier for their commercial area because the Ultra Violet technology is a very natural and chemical free technology and it is also a time tested method to purify the water with low TDS. If there is correct amount of UV ray dosage then all the bacteria in water gets killed.

Brand credibility

Checking the brand credibility in the market is one of the crucial factors when one is selecting the best commercial water purifier for a commercial purpose. Because when it comes to supplying drinking water to a lot of people, one can never go wring there with the machine choice.


The certification received by the water purifier should also be checked before buying the machine because if a machine has been certified by meeting all the testing standards of the well known laboratories then they definitely have credibility.

Service Backup

There should be a proper service and replacements should be easy from the company provider. Then using that water purifier becomes hassle free.


Each and every employer must supply healthy drinking water to their employees because that is the very basic and one can always depend on a good commercial water purifier to solve the required purpose.

Salman Zafar

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