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5 Tips On How To Make Your Home Green

We all want to help the planet in any way possible. The problem? Many of us are lazy and think that making any amount of serious, positive change to our environment is time-consuming, expensive and altogether difficult. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. There are countless ways to give your home a more green environment. You just need to implement a few changes, which are easy, affordable and quick.

Here are a few tips to make your home green:

renewable energy homes

1. Solar Power

Solar power is one of the fastest growing areas of renewable energy. Solar Magazine highlights just some of the many ways that solar power is effectively fuelling the world around us. On a global, industrial scale and right down to individual use. Every little will help. Consider having solar panels installed on your roof. This will make you self-sufficient, and any excess energy that you do not use can be sold back to energy firms. It’s a win-win situation. You save the planet and receive cheap, efficient energy all at the same time.

2. Diet

One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases is factory farmed cows, who release large quantities of methane into the air. This is detrimental to our planet. Over farming is truly devastating the Earth. How can you help? By switching to a meat-free diet. This reduces overall demand for meat and consequently results in fewer animals being bred for our consumption. This is a simple change that any household can make, as it is possible for us to live a healthy, balanced vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Alternatives such as tofu, seitan, and Quorn are available in most supermarkets, and there are more green take out options than ever. If you feel that ditching meat immediately may be difficult, you can start off with Meat Free Mondays: a day of the week dedicated to keeping meat off of your plate. If you are fond of hot drinks, go for green tea.

3. Recycle

Recycling is easy and keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills. It’s easy. Just invest in recycling bins that have separate compartments for paper, plastic, tins, food waste and general waste. Paper, plastic, and tins can generally all be recycled, going to better use elsewhere. Food waste can be composted and is generally biodegradable. It can then be used as fertilizer for plants, promoting the new cycle of life.

recycling bins

4. Reduce Water Usage

We are all guilty of wasting water. This is terrible considering the number of people in the world in need of clean drinking water. So reduce water consumption in your home.

Turn the taps off when you’re cleaning your teeth. Have showers instead of baths and use eco-friendly widgets to reduce the water flow. It may help in a small amount of water savings, but if everybody did this, the planet would greatly benefit.

5. Insulate Your Home

We spend a lot of money heating our homes, so don’t let the warm air escape to the outdoors so easily. Make sure that your walls and loft are well insulated to prevent wastage of heat. Make sure that windows are also double glazed, as they are the main site for heat to make its way outside.

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  1. Everybody should try these “Green Home tips”. These tips are beneficial for environment and for us too. As we can see, the environmental health is getting poor day by day due to a lot of human self-seeking behaviour. The rise of technology and misuse of natural resources are impacting negatively to natural environment. For that, these tips are really helpful to stop degrading our planet. Starting this step with our green homes can put a helping hand to save environment.

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