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Types of Water Flow Meters and How They Work

A flowmeter is a gadget built to check the rate of the stream of a fluid or gas going through a specific point inside a particular framework, for instance, water crossing through a pipeline. Water utilities, for the most part, use water flow meters. In any case, they additionally have been utilized in industrial and manufacturing limits.

Water flow meters are, generally, utilized in every aspect of society. Along these lines, there are usually four sorts of flow meters checking the water in its different structures. What’s more, these are hygrometers, ice meters, dampness meters, and water meters.

For a little assistance, we will walk you through what these four classes of water meters measure and where and how they are utilized. Peruse on!

What They Measure

Water meters check the traits and properties of liquid water. These attributes incorporate its quality, its pH balance, the amount utilized, its speed of the stream, and how great it passes on or channels power.

A lot of meters are, generally, used to figure month to month water charges, some to check the accurate measure of water to calculate to a procedure or an item. By the by, others are used to survey medicinal activities to improve the nature of water, and others guarantee that activities have been fruitful.

How They Are Read

Water meters are, as a rule, read from multiple points of view, depending upon the meter:

  • Through a clock-like face
  • Various computerized readings
  • Electronic correspondence
  • Sending beats from a separation to a peruser
  • Some are perused by machines, some are perused by individuals.

Water Flow Meter

This kind of stream meter is the means by which most water providers check the measure of liquid water their buyers utilize each month. The additional outcomes help them in monitoring their water supply, guaranteeing that they have an adequate supply for everybody. Additionally, it reveals to them how much their shoppers ought to be charged depending on their month to month water use.

The cash of the purchasers’ guide in paying the water providers’ expenses enables these providers to keep their water framework dissemination well-working. Water providers aren’t, generally, the main ones utilizing stream meters. Condo building proprietors likewise utilize this sort of meter in various ways.

  • To know whether there are any indications of a break in the event that you don’t utilize water, yet the water meter still records, at that point, without a doubt, there is a presence of a hole.
  • To check the measure of fluid water that any wellsprings on the structure produce.
  • To submeter partition units in a loft assembling with the goal that tenants can pay for their very own utilization.
  • To break separated the water used in a high rise from that used for finishing.

Water Velocity

There are water meters made to check both the speed and stream of water. Or on the other hand, you can get a wonderful test that just computes speed. Hydrologists use this sort of stream meter to measure the speed of a waterway or stream. Deciding the profundity, width, and speed of a stream, hydrologists can evaluate the volume of the stream.

types of water flow meter

Water utilities utilize this kind of stream meter to guarantee their pipelines remain open. For example, if the stream is moderate moving, that implies there is a check someplace. They’ll utilize a test to know the definite area of the hindrance, before clearing out the pipelines.

Water pH Meter

The water pH meter was first structured in 1936 to survey the pH level in lemon juice. Also, from that point on, it has advanced to check the overall sharpness of different fluids, for example, water. It can likewise survey semi-solids with an alternate test.

Water Temperature Gauge

This sort of stream meter checks the warmth content in liquid water. It is usually utilized in vehicles and autos, where it lets the individual driving the vehicle know whether there are any issues with the radiator. Without a doubt, most drivers realize that when a heater warms up, it will split, losing coolant and water, causing a motor breakdown.

Conductivity and TDS Meters

These water meters are, generally, very unique in relation to one another. Be that as it may, the two meters measures disintegrated solids in fluid water by recognizing how well the arrangement passes on power. The primary uses are:

  • To evaluate the nature of the water in lakes, waterways, and streams, which is the manner by which the defilement in water is found from urban spillover and modern dumping.
  • To guarantee, in HVAC frameworks, the water going through the pipelines isn’t excessively polluted with synthetic compounds.
  • To test water filtration yield.


Salinometers are very like TDS meters. Notwithstanding, it just checks the salt substance of the water. This sort of water meter is used in desalination plants and onboard steamships to evaluate the salt substance.


Water meters are intended to quantify the water’s volume utilized in numerous private and business structures. The water is then provided to workplaces and homes through an open water framework.

Water meters can measure filthy water, clean water, cold water, and high temp water. Every sort of water stream meter offers numerous favorable circumstances to different businesses. On the off chance that you need to know more, you can visit any stream meters maker, for example, smartmeasurement.com.

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