The Benefits of Securing Trash Bins

Every year eight million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean, BinStrap is committed to dramatically reducing this number simply by securing wheelie bin lids. BinStrap is a patented device that was designed with the intention of securing the 1.5 billion Unsecured wheelie bins worldwide that are spilling plastic and rubbish into our environment, rivers and oceans. These bins get knocked over, blown over, overfilled and rummaged through by animals, birds, rodents and wildlife, this causes a huge mess and is massively polluting our planet.

Wheelie bin owners also have to face cleaning up spilt litter and rubbish that has often been in the bin for over two weeks, sometimes they can receive a litter fine even if they are not at fault, i.e. the bin has been blown over during the night or animals have got into the bin causing a mess.

BinStrap is solving this problem by keeping the lid of wheelie bins sealed and secure during adverse weather conditions and when tipped over, this prevents plastic and rubbish escaping into the environment and keeps wildlife and animals out of the bin.

Unsecured wheelie bins
Unsecured wheelie bins are spilling plastic and rubbish in our surroundings

BinStrap also solves other problems such as reducing rodent infestations by keeping them out of the bin, rodents are attracted to wheelie bins because of the odour coming from easy access food inside. Keeping animals, birds and wildlife out of the bin also protects them from ingesting plastic that they think is food.

Securing trash cans globally will greatly reduce litter and plastic pollution, protect our oceans and create a cleaner greener planet. Creating a plastic-free ocean and litter-free planet requires us turning off the tap on plastic pollution entering our environment, rivers and oceans.

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